Welcome to Mrs. Shirley's Web page for Second Semester  2017 - 2018


  • BLUE DAY SCHEDULE:    1)  Algebra  2      
  •                                             2)  Algebra 2 LAB
  •                                             3)  Planning
  •                                             4)  Algebra 2 
  • GOLD DAY SCHEDULE:    5)  Pre-Calculus
  •                                             6)  Planning                
  •                                             7)  Pre-Calculus
  •                                             8)  Pre-Calculus  

 INDIVIDUAL MATH HELP:  I am here to help you before school each day 7:15 am to 7:35 am Monday through Friday;  during BOTH POWER HOURS TUESDAY  through THURSDAY  after school 2:15 pm to 3:00 pm  Monday AND Tuesday.  FOR SECOND SEMESTER, THERE IS ALSO MATH HELP IN THE LIBRARY FROM 2:30 TO 3:15; I AM THERE TO HELP YOU.  It is my goal to help you learn mathematics and provide individual support in class and additionally, as needed.  If there are special circumstances that need additional  support, please let me know.

 MY SWIFT WEBSITE: Contains homework assignments under "DOCUMENTS".  I have STUDENT notebooks that contain each day's FLIP CHARTS and hand-outs for which you may obtain individual copies from the Daily File. 

On-Line Resources:ALGEBRA 2:  Our textbook link:    www. my.hrw.com and SLADER.com

                               Pre-Calculus:  Our textbook link:   www.CalcChat.com for step by step solutions to most odd problems

                               Also, students like to use SLADER.com.

                               Videos available: Google:  "Larson Pre-Calculus with Limits" for videos that correspond to our textbook.

GRAPHING CALCULATORS:   www.gcalc.net  and www.geogebra and Desmos


MU ALPHA THETA (Math Team)                                     

MAΘ is a National Math Honor Society.  High school students in Geometry or higher  may participate.

  • Our officers are:  President:  Leana Tieng
  •                               Vice-President:  Hitesh Boinpally
  •                               Secretary:  Emily Clark
  •                               Treasurer:  Maddy Magana

(See the club web page and the National Webpage:  www.mualphatheta.org  )  

This is a student-led math group that encourages having fun with math!  We think you will like it a lot!  Come and visit us during MONDAY POWER HOUR.  Everyone is welcome!  Bring a friend with you!  There is an opportunity to learn about bases, number systems, conic sections, number theory and more!  There are opportunities to compete throughout the state.  The state competition is in MARCH.