Tahoma IT Academy is a class within Computer Fundamentals. It is the Certification part of the class.

The Tahoma CTE Advisory that is made up of business people in the industry made the suggestion to push for MCSA, MCP and MTA certifications. Since the world is using smaller devices and cloud computing, it was decided to move toward Microsoft Certifications.

We will be focusing on the Microsoft Technology Associate Certifications.

Remember you can retake a test until you get the grade and experience you need. Select the link below to have your test GRADED or RESET.

Grade or Retake

MTA IT Infrastructure track—for those intending to build a career in desktop or server infrastructure or private cloud computing:
Certification earned by passing any one exam.


Windows Server Administration Fundamentals 98-365

Networking Fundamentals 98-366

Security Fundamentals 98-367

Each semester we will be working toward getting the Windows Operating System Fundamentals Cert. If a student would like to gain other certifications, they can take the class again and work independently.     

In the documents section you will find the books for each lesson.

You will be using the E-Learning software to help you become certified. Use the link below to access your account. Parents: If you want to know what your student is working on, have them show you their account!!! They could help you learn something new about your own computer.

THS Bear Computers

We have 250 computers that need to be refurbished this semester. Each students will be assigned 10 computers to refurbish. The computers will then be donated to Tahoma School District families that are in need of a computer. It is an opportunity for Tahoma IT Academy students to help refurbish computers and distribute them. The students will also conduct training for the families! There will be extra credit for coming to the distribution nights.

60% 10 tests (You must pass each test with 80% or better)
40% Classroom assignments