The Tahoma High School Math Team is part of the National Math Honorary named "MU ALPHA THETA" or  M A  O.   (These are the Greek letters which spell "math".) (Visit the National website:  www.mualphatheta.org)

 Tahoma Senior High School students (grades 9-12) who are enrolled in geometry, algebra 2, pre-calculus, calculus or statistics may be part of the THS Math Team.

We have high school student-led lessons during POWER HOUR on Mondays during all of POWER HOUR - so bring your lunch to ROOM 201.

This year(2017-2018)  our officers are:  President: Laena Tieng;  Vice-President:  Hitesh Boinpally ;  Secretary: Emily Clark;     Treasurer:  Maddy Magana 

Check out our trophy case on the Second Floor of THS.  

 Recent Results

#1:  Fall Start Up on Thursday, Sept 28 was held after the Pep Assembly.    Twenty-five students participated.  

TOP 3 Students by Math Class:  CALCULUS:  1st: Laena Tieng;  2nd Hitesh Boinpally;   3rd Emily Clark

                                                       Pre-Calculus:  1st:  Rohit Tripathy;  2nd  Karina Houser;  3rd (tie)  Oleh Fylyk and Cain Vu

                                                       Math Analysis:  1st:  Maddi Bledsoe;  2nd  Kylee Price;   3rd  Jake Micahels


Sigma North:  Thomas Jefferson HS on Saturday, Oct 14 (same day as PSAT)

Mu Alpha Theta Log 1 test ; held at THS after school ? during the month of October

Math is Cool:  Saturday, October 28 in Redmond (qualifying round for Masters)

Team Scramble:  At THS during Power Hour, MONDAY, October 30 in the PAC 

Fall Classic:  At Thomas Jefferson HS, Saturday, Nov 11

State Math is Cool Masters:  Saturday, Nov 18 At Moses Lake HS (must qualify to attend)

Ciphering Time Trials:  Thursday, Dec 7 at THS in the PAC  time tbd

Math is Amazing!  Championships:  The Tahoma School District competition for grades 4 - 8 will be held January 20th at THS in the Commons

4 x 4 Team Competition:  Thursday, Feb 1 at THS in the PAC time tbd

AMC 10 and AMC 12:  Wednesday February 7th after school in Room 201 at THS

Mu Alpha Theta States:  Either March 17 or March 24 TBD

Washington State Math Council - THS usually hosts this event,  but it has not been set yet for this year.

ARML:  The top 45 students got to Las Vegas to compete June 1-3 ?

Mu Alpha Theta Nationals:  July 8 to 13 in Colorado Springs.

Math team  HELPS YOU:  Build closer friendships
                                           Develop math skills,
                                           Learn lots of fun math
                                           Travel throughout the nation,
                                           Prep for college placement tests
                                           Win scholarships ($$$$
                                           Develop leadership skills and
                                           REPRESENT OUR SCHOOL....GO BEARS!

Our graduated team members have gone on to attended Harvard, Stanford, Duke, USC, George Washington University, Johns Hopkins, Harvey Mudd and of course, UW , WSU, Gonzaga, Eastern, Central, Western, Evergreen, Seattle U, Green River, Bellevue, and others!

The Tahoma Math Team began in 1999 with seven students. Since then almost 600 students have participated in this competitive team! We participate in local, state and national competitions. The highlight of the competitive year is NATIONALS.  Next summer, they will be held in Colorado Springs.

We also participate in national tests such as the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) and the American Invitational Mathematics Examiniation ( AIME) which are  administered at our school. 

MATH IS AMAZING! Competition
This year our math team will host MATH IS AMAZING! for students in grades 4 through 8.  The date is Janary 20th, 2018.  There is a  fee of $15 (early bird entry is $10). Food and snacks will be available for purchase.

For more infomation visit the Image Gallery, Documents, and Events. ( which are to be updated soon!)