SOUND by Don Nguyen at Act Theater

 Sep 9th - Oct 4th, 2015                                                                                    Running time: 1½ hours

Sound by Don Nguyen navigates the waters off of Martha's Vineyard and the impassioned dispute between a fiercely protective Deaf father and his hearing ex-wife over the use of cochlear implants to restore their daughter's hearing. They struggle to find common ground in a world that separates deaf and hearing cultures. In a parallel story, 130 years earlier on the same island, Alexander Graham Bell is on a quest to invent the first hearing aid and cure deafness. His devastating actions leave loss and betrayal that reverberates through the long and disparate history of Martha’s Vineyard and the Deaf community.

This production is bilingual, performed in American Sign Language and spoken English. All shows will have super titles, and listening devices will be available.

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*I will attempt to get group tickets or even field trip approval, see me for information.