When:         Wednesday, January 15th - 5:00-6:00
Where:        Tahoma Middle School Cafeteria
Why:           To celebrate the successful season of Tahoma Blue Basketball
Who:           7th and 8th Grade Basketball players and families.
Feel free to bring cookies or other finger dessert & individually packaged drinks for a small treat.

Practice Canceled on Wednesday, November 20 due to Gold Basketball Home Games at TMS gym.

Parent Meeting: Tuesday, November 12th at 4:45 in TMS Room 121. The meeting should last about 30 minutes. A parent or guardian of each player must attend (please read the Tahoma District Policy below regarding parent meeting attendance).

Tahoma School District Policy requires parents to attend the Parent Meeting to gain information regarding program/team goals, coach's philosophy, team expectations, player safety policies and parent/coach communication.  Parents who are unable to attend will need to contact the coach for an alternative option, before their players will be allowed to participate in a game. Please be sure to pay your athlete’s participation fee. This can be done online or at the Cashier’s window. The participation fee must be paid before your child can play in a game.

First tryout will be on November 4th at Tahoma Middle School from 3:00-4:45.

Get an Athletic Participation Card Before the First Tryout
Before the first tryout, each athlete must obtain an Athletic Participation Card in order to participate. See the Tahoma Athletic Handbook which discusses the card requirements.

Preseason Training
Before the season, athletes should try to prepare themselves for the upcoming basketball season by practicing their skills. You can use the Tahoma Bears Off Season Skills Development sheet to help. Players should also get into a weight lifting and exercise routine to be physically fit and ready when the season begins. Finally, some may want to join an AAU team to get some game experience before the season begins.

Athlete Expectations
During school, each athlete is expected to maintain a respectable grade in all classes. In addition, an athlete’s behavior in school and the community should also positively represent the Tahoma basketball program. Please refer to the
Tahoma Athletic Handbook