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Mrs. Earlene DeLeon,

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I.T.S.   International Thespian Society

Tahoma Jr. High School Thespian Troupe # 7507


Drama Classes  6th, 7th, 8th, 9th


Acting for Film Class  8th, 9th


Drama Club


Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year!

Drama, Acting for Film

TMS 6th and 7th Grade Drama - meet on Gold Days in room 214 - The Green Room
TJH Drama/Acting for Film - Meet on Blue Days in Portable #2

You will need the following materials to succeed in class:

Drama and Acting for Film

  • #2 (or HB) pencils: At least 2 each day. Students are free to use either wooden or mechanical pencils. Pencils must have an eraser and mechanical pencils must have extra lead.
  • Flash Drive
  • Spiral Notebook (Journal)

  • Highlighters - at least 2 different colors

  • Student Handbook - to be passed out by the teacher

 Course Descriptions:

6th Grade Drama
This course is a 6 week exploratory course. Students will learn basic theatre vocabulary, and skills in movement and vocalization.

7th Grade Drama
A One Semester Class in which students will build on skills learned in 6th grade. This is a beginning class and 6th grade drama is not required.  Emphasis will be on ensemble building through improvisation and movement games. Students will continue to work on vocalization and will be introduced to musical theatre, including songs and dance. One evening performance is part of class grade.

8th/9th Grade Drama
A One Semester class in which students will continue to develop acting skills. This is a beginning class and earlier drama classes are not required.  Movement and pantomime will be expanded upon. Improvisational games will strengthen ensemble work. Students will develop vocal skills in different styles of acting. Since students are able to take drama for a full year in both 8thand 9thgrades, those who take drama continuously will learn a broader scope of skills and gain more experience acting. Students will attend a professional play during the semester to gain an understanding of skills they are working on in class (see details under “Events”). One evening performance is part of the class grade.

9th graders may take Intermediate Drama if they have taken drama in 8th grade.

This course fulfills an ARTS credit toward graduation for 9th graders.

Acting for Film
A one semester class for 8thand 9thGraders in which students will learn to act for thecamera. It is not necessary to take Drama Classes prior to Acting for Film Classes. Basic film acting skills will be taught and students will film each other in the acting process. Be mindful that this is primarily an acting class - not a production class. 2 film projects



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A direct Link to Skyward Family Access to access student grades.  Click on this link https://www2.nwrdc.wa-k12.net/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=wtahomas71/fwemnu01.w

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