Mr. Heimbigner
Team Explore Math

Hello and Welcome,
     My name is Dale Heimbigner and I teach Math on Team Explore.  I've been teaching for quite awhile.  I'm a math teacher but not sure if I can count that high!  I graduated from Eastern Washington University in 1985, earned my Masters Degree in 1999 and my Administrative Degree in 2002.  I've taught Middle School-aged students for many of those years and the rest in Elementary and High School.  I coached HS and MS sports for over 20 years, was MS Athletic Director for 11 years and served on the Representative Assembly for the WIAA.    I am currently Math department head at Tahoma Middle School and a member of our Leadership Team.  I teach one Course 1-2 and three Course 1 classes this year.


dsc0589.jpgrun with barb.JPGfamily snowman.JPGrobert and michelle.jpegMorgan and Emily 2.JPG
My wife, Barb, and I have 3 children and our dog Lizzie.
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Our two boys are working and our daughter, husband and son live in Eastern Washington. 
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We are Nana and Papa to our Grandson Ryan who will be 5.  And NEW Nana and Papa to Claire.
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Lizzie is our only child still at home.  Not spoiled at all !

     ►My class rules and expectations of the kids have been outlined in the Parent letter. It will be available in the "Documents" tab of this site at the beginning of the school year.  I will send a hard copy of the letter home the first week of school to those families unable to access the internet.  
     ►My philosophy of teaching is the same as my life.  Successful experiences can happen when you  work hard, become and stay organized and take responsibility for yourself. 
If my students take responsibility to listen, be an active participant in class, take responsibility to maintain good behavior and take responsibility to go over the work and concepts given; they will have a greater chance of being successful.    

      ►I will post the daily Learning Target and some Practice problems in the Learning Target/ Practice section of this site.  click on the "Learning Target/ Practice" tab.   The most current information is listed at the top.  Please check your student's Homework Record Sheet (HWR) in their binder weekly.  It will have their Learning Targets, Practice problems, Formative Assessment grades and a place to rate their understanding for each concept. The majority of your child's graded work will be done in class.

      If your child has missing work due to an absence, you will see a "MS" on Skyward for that work.  It is considered a zero until the work is graded.  This will be Formative or Summative Assessments they were absent for or did not complete.  Students will be asked to attend Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday homework center or lunch to get that work completed.  You can check your child's grade on Skyward. (click the "Grades" tab above or go to the "Links" tab.)  Grades will be updated in Skyward within a week of the work being corrected.   Missing and redo work will be posted within 1 week. Formative assessments (Quizzes, entry tasks and exit slips) can be redone at HW centers and/or lunch.  Summative Assessments can NOT be redone which makes it even more important for your child to redo any work that they can until they have reached mastery.

There is also an online site to access the math book             

       I know this is a tremendous change for students moving from Elementary to Middle School and students earning letter grades can be a bit scary.  If there is any advice I can give as a parent and teacher it would be to encourage your children to participate in class daily, ask questions whenever necessary and take advantage of all opportunities to get extra help and redo work.  They may struggle, but persistence and hard work will always pervail.  These are golden opportunities to learn valuable lessons from their successes and failures; and they will have both.  It is very important to stay positive, not get discouraged and just keep working hard.  It will prepare them so much better for school and life. 

      I give opportunities to redo all Formative assessment grades so they can master concepts and prepare for the chapter tests (summative assessments).  I offer time during lunch for your child to come in and make up work or get extra help on concepts they may struggle with on many Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  If the missing or redo work can not get done during lunch, they can either come in during another lunch or come to HW center on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday after school.  The Summative Assessments are the final indicators of their knowledge and expertise for each chapter.  We should be there to encourage and support their learning, but it is ultimately the student that needs to own their learning. 

      Welcome to TMS Team Explore and I look forward to meeting all of you and having another fantastic year for you and your kids.   

                                                                                                                            Mr. Heimbigner  (Mr. H.)