Lake Wilderness Elementary 1st Grade Homework Policy
READING: In first grade, we encourage students to read an average of 100 minutes each week. This includes the daily Read-at-Home books, as well as family story time and library books. Your child may also want to visit Raz-Kids, Starfall, or other reading links (provided in the [Links] tab) to practice reading at home.

polar bear polar bear.jpg Our Read-at-Home program begins late September. A book is chosen especially for your child and goes home in a zip-loc bag. Your child is expected to practice his or her book a few times each night, reading aloud with a parent. These chosen books will be at your child's independent level, being able to read it easily without guidance. This builds self-confidence and stamina while developing good reading habits.
Please remember to sign off on your child's Reading Log inside the book bag and return it to school daily. A new book goes home every day. This is the most important homework you can do with your first grader!

Don't forget to help your child record all their reading minutes on their "PRR! Reading Log"! Forms need to be turned in by the fourth day of the following month in order to qualify for a prize, which varies each month. Late forms will receive credit for reading but no prize. Students who turn in their form for six or more months will then qualify for an end-of-the-year celebration.