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Dear Third Grader and Family,

Welcome to the third grade!  I am so excited to be your third grade teacher.  My goal is to encourage and support my students’ efforts to learn, to build positive relationships with others, and to foster a life-time love of learning.  I will share with each of my students my belief in them and their abilities, and hold them accountable for working to their potential so that they will develop confidence in themselves as learners and the strength to pursue their dreams.  

Many students look forward to third grade because they can read well and are beginning to read to enhance learning and to think critically about the text.  I look forward to teaching my students strong reading and vocabulary skills and motivating them to read important and interesting topics!  Also, math increases in difficulty and complexity, with emphasis on multiplication, division, and fractions.  I cannot wait to teach these important math skills in motivating and fun ways. 

 It is my philosophy that learning is a combination of exploring, creating, and experiencing.  My goal is to guide my students into becoming eager, independent, and responsible learners.  Parental support is a key element in helping each student achieve these expectations.  I look forward to working closely with you.  

We will begin the yearwith our first unit of study being an exploration of the Puget Sound region and the salmon cycle.   Throughout the year, we will delve into science in depth, conducting investigations, and reading and writing about science. 

 It's going to be a great year!



Mrs. Crider