What does a school counselor or social worker do?

A school counselor’s first priority is student success. To this end, school counselors collaborate with teachers, parents, and administrators to promote healthy social and emotional development and academic progress. At times, barriers can get in the way of classroom performance and school social workers and counselors work with students to help identify and develop strategies to overcome them. 

It is our goal to foster a strong connection between family and school. We actively partner with parents regarding family and child issues that may impact a student’s ability to fully engage in learning at school such as job changes, moving, money worries, medical conditions, peer or sibling issues, parent stress, separation/divorce, and illness or death of a family member. 

Support Services Provided:

  • Small Group Counseling instruction in emotions management and social skills
  • Individual Check Ins experiencing emotionally challenging situations.
  • Lunch and Recess Programs for building positive connections to school and with the counselor or social worker
  • 504 plan coordination for students with disabilities that need academic accommodations in the classroom
  • Personal Safety lessons and support for students
  • Scholarship assistance to access PTSA funds so that every child can participate in field trips, get t-shirts, Camp Casey, etc. 
  • Parenting support to provide information about developing effective parenting strategies for problematic behaviors and developing healthy emotions management strategies in the home
  • Referrals to community resources helps support students and families by providing referral information to parents for community agencies and counselors 

Additional Programs Social Workers and Counselors Support:

  • PBISCounselors and social workers work together with other staff to teach students school wide behavioral expectations using our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program. This impacts school culture to be a more positive, safe place to be.
  • Bullying Prevention: Counselors and social workers take an active role with the Dean of Students and staff in providing students with learning opportunities to recognize, refuse, and report bullying behavior.

If your student may need additional support, closer monitoring and collaboration, please contact your student's school counselor or social worker to discuss your student's needs and create a plan. To find your school counselor or social worker, click on your school to the left. 

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