First Grade Homework



Our homework focus is going to predominately be geared towards reading and math. It is our mission to create well rounded first graders who feel successful in school. Establishing good study habits both at home and school is imperative to this success. You can expect to see Read-at-Home books, sight words, and math homework activities that will support your student’s learning. 

             We look forward to partnering with you to support your student’s reading in your home environment. Setting a specific time to read and work with your student each night is imperative to establish good homework habits early. Establishing routine and commitment to practicing each day is a huge factor in student success in reading. Your student’s homework job will include sharing his or her Take-Home folder with you each night and returning any materials back to school. It is very important to look at the work your student brings home to see the concepts that we are learning that extend beyond reading.  
         Your first grader will also have home/school connections that foster communication from what he or she is learning in school to the home environment. Home/school connections are meant to provide interaction between the child and family. These activities will be returned to school with the expectation that students will share what they discussed with their families. The home/school connections will come home periodically throughout the year and be returned back to school within a couple of days.

             This year will be fantastic and we are excited to work with your First Grader.