Glacier Park Elementary

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We are so excited to be working with our Glacier Park readers!

Here is what our program is all about:

  • We supplement reading instruction in the classroom.  Our goal is to provide extra support for students who struggle with reading. We want to build their confidence and appreciation for literature.

  • We teach reading strategies which develop phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension and fluency.

  • We send home books nightly, with the expectation that your child is practicing reading at home too. We know that your support makes the difference!

  • We expect students to come on time and ready to learn. We expect students to practice our GP4 by being Engaged Learners!

  • We provide a safe, fun atmosphere. Reading is hard work! When we work hard our brain grows and we reach our goals. Don't give up!

For more information please contact Glacier Park's Reading Specialist,  Natalie Stumpges  or (425) 413-3474


Reading Specialist:

Natalie Stumpges

  Reading Teachers:
  Jennifer Meeks
 renee.JPG Renee LeMay
 jenny.JPG Jenny Nold
 Jenn_2.jpg Jennifer Breckette