Tahoma Elementary

Welcome to the Tahoma Elementary Reading Assistance Program!

RAP is an intervention program designed to teach reading strategies, skills, and behaviors, ensuring that all students will become lifelong learners.                 

 In RAP, interventions are aligned with grade level expectations. Students are taught in small groups with differentiation for individual student need built into lesson structures.           

What do children learn when they are at RAP?

Kindergarten: Letter identification and sounds, concepts about print, and beginning reading strategies.

1st Grade:  Decoding and comprehension skills and strategies.

2nd Grade:  Decoding and comprehension skills strategies.

3rd/4th/5th: Thinking skills and written responses to reading with reading strategies and decoding skills embedded in our teaching.



 Our RAP Team

Reading Specialist: Deanna Sund           


Phone:  425-413-3476


Sharleen Grove, Debbie Naughton,   

Trixi Smith, Aileen O'Leary 

Reading is a fundamental life skill. Our goal is to provide a safe atmosphere where all children are successful.                                                                                                                                                                                               

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!