Welcome to Second Grade

Dear Families,

     I am thrilled to be your child's teacher this year.  My name is Kim Mason ( Ms. Mason for those under 18).  I'm sure we'll have a great school year learning in our new school and community.  I look forward to working with you to ensure your child achieves academic growth and has happy experiences.  Make sure you come to meet- the -teacher day and bring your school supplies. 

     Homework packets will be sent home on Fridays and be due back by the following Friday or last day of the school week.  No need to return the spelling list.  You'll need it for practice.  My philosophy is that homework communicates to the children that the adults in their lives value learning.  It also teaches time management and responsibility.  I will only give homework that covers skills we've worked on in class.  Overseeing your child's homework is a great way to monitor your child's progress.  Please initial the first page of the packet so that I know you've checked the work for accuracy and neatness.  Feel free to jot a note on the packet if your child is having difficulty with a particular skill.

     Curriculum night will be in September.  Times will be  posted on the school website.  In addition to curriculum, we will talk about volunteering, field trips, behavior management and expectations.  Hope to see you there.  In the meanwhile, you may contact me at kmason@tahomasd.us