The Wildcat Way, Every Day!




What is PBIS?

It is a framework for establishing the social culture and behavioral supports needed for schools to be effective learning environments for ALL students. 

In other words…We want to create a safe and respectful culture at LWES by pre-teaching expectations and rewarding desired behaviors using positive methods.


To create a positive school culture, so that:
School environment is predictable:

  • common language
  • common vision (understanding of expectations)
  • common experience (everyone knows)

School environment is positive:

  • recognition for positive behavior

School environment is safe:

  • aggressive and disruptive behavior is addressed

School environment is consistent:

  • expectations are clearly taught and reinforced

PBIS at School:

  • Wildcat Assembly: Teaching of the signals for each quality. Check out the videos.
  • Pawprints are given out to recognize when students are caught being Wildcats and showing our expectations. This helps our school be a great place for everyone.


Parent Tools for Home:

  • Ask your child to teach you the Wildcat Qualities and the signals (There's a video of the assembly teaching it)
  • Reinforce your child’s positive choices made at school (also when they get pawprints)
  • Print the Wildcat Way Every Day poster to hang on the refrigerator. Here's a link to download one.
  • Check out our tips on how to deal with difficult behavior at home that's consistent with being positive.