Online Resources Information

 To access the science world magazine to make up the chemistry of cell phones and/or the snake bite worksheets.

click login and select I am a student

password: crowshape5

click all issues and the top and pick the one with the emoji on the cover.  Scroll down to the appropriate article and click.

To access the online book, virtual labs etc.

Username: full go tahoma email address

Password:  six digit student id

You will need to click on the correct UNIT (all of the covers look the same).  See below for Unit names by letter.

Then click on Contents and the correct activity.  This will take you to the first page of the student textbook for that activity.  You can then navigate with the left/right arrows to change the page.  **** Careful because the page numbers do not seem to match the page numbers in our textbook!

A - Studying Materials scientifically

B - The Chemistry of Materials

C - Water

D - Energy

E - Force and Motion

F - Waves