Welcome to 7th grade language arts (ELA) and Exploratory Spanish! Feel free to email me using the contact tab if you need help finding something.

Remember: It is YOUR responsibility to make up absent work. Please check with a class friend, or ask me (via email or private conversation at an appropriate time) if you need help with something.


We are starting the year off with Personal Narratives, or stories about ourselves. Students will be reading a variety of mentor texts, and using a plotline to plot out their narratives.

Exploratory Spanish:

Exploratory Spanish is all about "dipping our toes" into a foreign language. We're starting with the basics: alphabet, numbers, and basic phrases. Students will use their basic phrases and knowledge of how the letters sound to create a short skit in which students introduce themselves to a classmate (in Spanish, of course!).


There is a link to Google Classroom on my Links page! 

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