Second Grade Homework Policy
Homework is an important way to extend learning from school to home. It is also an effective strategy to teach organization, responsibility and time management.  Kids should set aside a certain amount of time (roughly 60 minutes per week) and a certain place in the house to accomplish their studies. 
The PTSA PAWS Monthly Reading Log is an optional way to record your reading and be part of the PTSA PAWS program which is returned on the first week of each month. You stamp a square for every 20 minutes you read.
My class also has a Read At Home Program in place. This gives each student that wants to participate another book to take home to read and record their reading.
Occasionally a required or an optional homework activity may come home from your student’s teacher such as a reading activity, math game, math sheet etc. which can be used to go towards these 60 minutes of homework.
Listed below are ideas you can do at home to fulfill the 60 minutes of homework per week.


Subject Area
Homework might look like…
*Fluency Practice- flashcards or 20 + or – problems on paper in 75 sec.
*GPES Learning Links- Math
*Teacher Website-links
*Websites mom or dad choose
*Family math games
*Participating in the GPES PTSA GRRR Reading Program each month
*Read, Read, Read-Read at Home books if participating
*Read books from the RAZ Kids website
*GPES Learning Links-Language Arts-Starfall (reading activities)
*Study each week’s spelling list
*Play Sparkle with the spelling words
*Spelling City (some teachers have this link on their website)
*Spelling practice ideas on teacher's website links
Unit Projects
*Optional Integrated Unit Projects-possibly a culminating activity
Second Grade Spelling Philosophy
Our spelling program consists of spelling lists that cover sight words and word features that are appropriate for second graders. Spelling test scores will be recorded and we will be looking for transfer of these spelling words in isolation (spelling tests) into students’ daily writing. Your child’s spelling will be assessed in many ways. One way is the transfer into their daily writing. This score will be reflected as part of the writing conventions score on the report card.