The Tiger Way

Show Respect     Make Good Decisions    Solve Problems

Tiger Pride Circle.png

Shadow Lake is a partnership between students, staff, families and the community with a commitment to a safe learning environment while promoting life-long learning to all those in our school community. 

Students…you are very important members of our school community and we want you to be happy and successful while you are at Shadow Lake Elementary.  We focus on The Tiger Way as a part of our bigger PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) which helps supports the climate and culture of Shadow Lake.  Throughout our school, we have posters that show our expected behaviors so that you are never surprised or unaware of the rules of our school. 

 Parents…you are also very important members of our school community and we value working cooperatively with you and community members in creating a safe and positive learning environment for everyone where opportunities for learning are found in all students. 

 Our hope is that with clear expectations, our students can make positive choices in all that they do at school.  The Tiger Way Expectations are listed on the next few pages and encompass areas around our campus.   Together as a school community we will work with all of our students to ensure our students follow these expectations and will work through concerns as they arise. 

Shadow Lake prides itself on the hundreds of responsible and respectful students who attend this school and we look forward to all in our community teaching and modeling The Tiger Way.  Thank you!


Mr. Mitchell 

Dean of Students Shadow Lake Elementary