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The intent of the physical education program at STMS is to provide each student the opportunity to participate at a variety of enjoyable physical activities.  Emphasis will be on the goals of physical fitnes, through each P.E. unit, and the acquisition of skills and health concepts in which the student can participate after graduation.


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Participation in this course is critically important for satisfactory completion of course goals and objectives.  Progress toward this goal will be partly measured by tracking student attendance.   Therefore, a student’s grade or credit in this class may be adversely affected by reason of tardiness or absence, resulting in a loss of daily points. 


Excused From Participation

Parent/guardian excused note:  A parent/guardian may excuse their child from the day’s activities by giving a note with a brief explanation for the health-related problem.

Medically excused note:  If a child is to be excused from participation in physical education class for 3 or more days, a written note from a medical professional will be necessary.  The medical excuse needs to state the length of time the child will be unable to participate.  When the child is physically ready to return to active participation, it will be necessary to provide the instructor with a medical clearance note from the medical professional.  If a student is out for 6 weeks, they will earn a grade of pass/fail.  Arrangements will be made for students outside of PE, if they are unable to participate for more than 6 weeks.  No grade or P/F will be given for these students.


Make-ups Options

Points lost from excused absences and parent notes can be made up before or after school in the weight room or through morning runs.  Absences and non-participation days must be made up by the end of the semester in order to receive credit.  Communication between teacher and student is important if problems arise.

Ø      Weight Room/Fitness :  One day spent working out in the weight room and completing the fitness sheet will make up one excused absence.  Wednesday AM/PM

Ø      Fitness Activity Outside School Hrs:  A completion of the fitness sheet will make up one excused absence signed by a coach/trainer.

Ø      Health/Fitness Article:  Students may find an article related to health and fitness and complete the required article make-up sheet.  A maximum of 3 articles may be turned in each semester.

***Long term medical releases of 3 to 6 weeks will earn their points by writing a report.  Report requirements are included in the sportfolio.  Long term releases 6 weeks or over will result in a pass/fail grade.



In order to participate in any PE class students are required to be dressed in a STMS PE uniform, socks, and tennis shoes with non-marking soles.  Uniforms will be labeled with the first initial and last name of the student only.  Uniforms should not be cut, ripped, or altered in any way, and should be worn as they are intended.  Uniforms are available for sale in the cashier’s office.  Appropriate sweats or warm-ups are permitted to be put on over uniforms after attendance has been taken. 


Loaner clothes:  Students without appropriate uniforms will be required to wear loaner clothes for that class period.  No daily points will be lost when loaners are checked out from their respected PE teachers.  

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