Hello STMS Students and Families!

I'm Mrs. Kurtz and I teach 3D Art, Digital Art, and Computer Fundamentals. This is my third year teaching in the Tahoma School District and I feel so fortunate to be here with all of you. I love art and technology and have spent much of my life working as an interpretive exhibit designer (basically designing all of the cool interactive parts of museum exhibits). I decided to change careers and get an advanced degree in teaching in order to share these experiences with my students. Summit Trail is a special place for me and I am passionate about making my classroom a safe and inclusive environment for everyone!

I use this website as a communication tool in order to help families and students contact me but all course materials are uploaded to your student's Google Classroom. I do post the class syllabus and instructions for accessing Google Classroom on this website. Your child should approach you during the first week of school with a copy of these documents. It is required that they have you sign the syllabus in order to inform me that you have read it together. Please ask your child (students, if you are reading this, you may put a letter in the mailbox or just come see me) to contact me if you require these documents in another language. All assignments will be posted to Google Classroom once the lesson has been taught; your child may utilize this resource if they need more time to complete their work and/or if they are absent.

Lastly, there is a contact page on this site. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or comments about these classes. I am here to provide support. This is going to be a great year in room 502! I look forward to more communication with my students and their families!



Mrs. Kurtz