Welcome to STMS Choir! 

Ms. Sansburn, room 404

Thank you for visiting the STMS Choir Website! This site will be used to communicate announcements with choir students and their families, as well as to provide any materials needed for students who wish to practice from home. I am so excited to be here in the Tahoma School District, spending my first year teaching choir at Summit Trail Middle School. I believe that choir is not only a place to learn how to sing well in a group, but it is a place for students to learn how to become a well-rounded, caring, aware, respectful, and positive asset to any classroom. In this choir classroom, the teacher uses music and musical knowledge to bring a group of singers together to work toward a common goal. By combining teamwork, accountability, respect, and unity with a high work ethic, this course allows students to grow and contribute many good things to their community and peers in ways much larger than music itself.

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Ms. Sansburn graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in December of 2016, after completing her student teaching at Steilacoom High School in the Tacoma area. Last spring, she substitute taught in the Snoqualmie Valley School District, and now she is ecstatic to have her own choir room in the Tahoma School District! She loves to play with her dog Frankie, visit her other dogs Titus and Logan in Bend, OR, bake cookies and any other sweet treats she may want to try, go on hikes, root for the Seahawks and Seattle Reign, and spend time with her family and friends. 

                                                                   Ms. Sansburn's Schedule for the 2017-2018 School Year


Blue Day:

8:00-8:45: STRETCH 6

8:50-10:30: Period 1 (Prep)

10:35-12:45: Period 3 (6th Grade Full Year Choir)

***B Lunch: 11:40-12:10

12:50-2:30: Period 5 (7-8 Semester Choir)

Gold Day:

8:00-8:45: STRETCH

8:50-10:30: Period 2 (6th Grade Exploratory Choir)

10:35-12:45: Period 4 (7-8 Advanced Choir)

*** B Lunch: 11:40-12:10

12:50-2:30: Period 6 (7-8 Advanced Choir)

Friday (Shortened Day):

8:00-8:40: Period 1 (Prep)

8:45-9:25: Period 2 (6th Grade Exploratory Choir)

9:30-10:10: Period 3 (6th Grade Full Year Choir)

10:15-10:55: Period 4 (7-8 Advanced Choir)

11:00-12:15: Period 5 (7-8 Semester Choir)

***B Lunch: 11:40-12:15

12:20-1:00: Period 6 (7-8 Advanced Choir)