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 Mrs. Milburn :-)
Tahoma Elementary School
3rd Grade Spring 2020

Brain Paths - Let's keep Them Strong!

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Hello Families!                                                                                        April 2

I just posted the math answer keys for HW #25 for Math. This is still optional work - but it's what we have been doing for the school year. I will be sending an email in the near future to invite your students in to Google Classroom to do a few 'get to know the site' things to do. I'll keep you posted. 

Have a great weekend & stay safe :-)


Kathy Milburn


Hi Everyone!                                                                                   3/31

I just want to keep you apprised about what I am doing:) With the 3rd grade teacher team, I'm currently trying to learn new platforms (ways to deliver learning experiences). There is a lot more to getting out content than I ever dreamed! That said, we are making progress.

We still have 4 students that have not signed into Google Classroom - if your student hasn't signed in and answered the one m/c question, please have them do so - one of the things I need to try to ensure is that we are all able to access the learning.

One of the things I am working on is building a new Google Classroom site for us. At some point in the future I will send an email to you all with an assignment in Classroom to join our new class - I will send the code and directions with that email. 

Well, we have finished our read aloud, The One and Only Ivan - I hope you enjoyed the book! As you all know, it was a fictional story that was inspired by a true story about a gorilla in Washington state. Here is a link that you can use to find out more about the real Ivan:

I plan on starting another read aloud soon and I think it will be Because of Winn-Dixie. I will have to wait until I go back to our classroom this Thursday to get the book.

Everyone please take care & stay tuned!


Kathy Milburn

3rd Grade TES

PS - Thanks for sending pictures, I am trying to figure out how to share them via our new Classroom site! :-)

Hello Families :-)                                                                     3/28

As you have heard we are moving to on-line learning. Thank you to the folks that have had their student sign in to Google Classroom (from yesterday's email). If you haven't, please have your student sign in and answer the 1 m/c question for me. If your student can't get in, please email me so I can help you.


Mrs. Milburn


Hi TES Families!                                                                                   3/25

Today I have added a few links to the site and a few other items:

  • Scholastic: Deliver at Home (link) - you can order books for your student and they will be delivered to your home instead of school. 

  • Xtra Math (link)- Students can practice multiplication and division. If they don't know their PIN email me, I have the list at home.

  • I have added a new Math Warm Up (Page). We would do this some mornings before starting the new math lesson for the day. I will try to add one every morning :-)

  • I added a Math Concepts page yesterday under documents. It lists the 3rd Grade Math Concepts so you can use that list if your student wants to review math we have done already. 

  • A new installation of The One and Only Ivan is on the Read Aloud link :-) I hope you are enjoying the story! You can be drawing pictures of what you are listening to (visualizing) then send in pictures and I can post them on this webpage!

I think that is it for today - as always, please email with any questions, comments, or suggestions, actually any feedback - I can't tell if parents/students are seeing the site.  I am getting the hang of using this website and I hope it is helpful for you all!


Mrs. Milburn


Hello All -                                                                           March 24

I had a request to put a key out for the math homework so I have uploaded the key in Documents - I have Packet #24 done and will get the others done weekly. 

If you would like to keep on 'reading' our read aloud, The One and Only Ivan  I recorded the next section, pages 202 - 220 for you to listen to :-) You will find the link under Read Alouds - let me know if you like it!


Mrs. Milburn :)


Hi TES Families!                                                        March 23

Week 2 - Missing all of you!! (Yes, that rhymed!)

I wanted to let you know a few things that may interest you:

  • As mentioned earlier, the district has created a learning site for your use to keep your student's learning fresh - the link is:  I also have it on the Links Tab for future use. 

  • I have updated Prodigy math for this week's game playing : - ) According to the report I receive from Prodigy, 8 students were playing the game last week and between all of them 1,102 questions were answered - way to go! Remember to go for accuracy, not just quantity :-)

  • I posted 5 new optional prompts this week - I've responded to those folks that have turned in their writing :)

  • Practice Opinion papers are starting to come in - nice job! I comment, return and you can rework your paper and resubmit.

  • If you are having trouble signing in to Google Classroom, I was reminded this weekend that we put a 'z' at the end of the PW on your card - that should help! 

  • This week's HW packet (not required, but highly recommended!) is #24. It has a Scholastic News for the reading - it has interesting topics :-)

  • A fun picture to draw this week is a Rooster - enjoy & send a picture of your drawing if possible : - )

 Take care,

Mrs. Milburn :-)

Rooster Drawing Picture.png



Hello Parents & Students -                                                   March 20

Well, it's another beautiful day outside, I hope you all have had an opportunity to go outside and play : - ) If you are keeping up with the HW packets like we regularly do #23 would be due today on Friday, like normal..

  • It has 2 magic stories: Magic Cleo: The Magic Words and Magic Cleo: The Magic Spell. Use these to practice your reading skills.

  • It also has a writing prompt: It's Too Late! Kids love to stay up past their bedtime. Parents don't always agree. Do you think it is okay for kids to stay up late? Write to convince others that kids should or shouldn't stay up up past their bedtimes. 

  • Finally, it has math pages. It includes the Math PT we did in class, Dogs and Cake. You can make up your own word problems that mirrors this one for more practice if you like - put in your own pets!. 

I have read a few student's writing to the optional prompts (way to go!) and have commented on them :-) I'll put different prompts up for next week. Write to any of the prompts you would like - they are fun writes! Don't forget to practice grammar  M - Th like we normally do - have fun and I'll write again next Monday. Please email me if you have any questions, comments or just want to say 'Hi!'.


Mrs. Milburn


Hello Families -                                                                        3/19/20

Happy First Day of Spring to everyone! As you all are probably aware the District has put up a Learning Connection site to provide enrichment learning opportunities for student at:

This link isn't live on this page but you can copy and paste it into your browser, the link for the Learning Connections is partway down in the letter from the school district.

I still encourage your student to work on the regular HW packets week by week as they are focused on what we have been doing in class. Also, please have them work in the Grammar packet day by day : -)

For a fun drawing today students can follow the directions to draw this colorful peacock! Students if you draw one send a pic and I can try to share on this page :-) 


Mrs. Milburn


Peacock Drawing Directions.PNG



Hi TES Families!                                                                            3/18/20

I hope this letter finds you all well and enjoying some time out in the sunny weather. As I add new things to this site I will list them here so you don't have to sort through everything to see what is new.

Today I have added a key for the Dogs and Cake Math PT so students can see how to solve. We worked through this exact PT last Thursday together and they should have their work at home as they put them in their backpacks on Friday. In the coming HW packets there are 2 more Math PTs - solve them the exact same way : - )

This afternoon I will be adding the Opinion Writing Assignment - Animals in the Wild or Captivity on Google Classroom.

If you didn't notice yesterday's letter there is an invitation from Cleopatra Arts in MV to participate in a free art class on Friday. The list of supplies has been posted on their FB site if you are interested.

As information is learned about how we will move forward I am sure the district will let families know and I will keep you posted on what I am able. 

Email with any questions you may have as I check my email daily and will get back with you soon.

Take Care,

Kathy Milburn



Hello Families -                                                                 3/17/20

I hope this webpage is finding you well and taking care of each other :-) I plan on updating links as I find some that are of value for your student. I was told of the following fun art activity that is starting this Friday (3/20/20):

Our very own MV Clayopatra Art Studio posted this on Facebook:

🎈 🎈 Free Online Art Classes 🎈 🎈

We will be offering weekly painting/crafting classes for FREE via FB live online.
Our first class is Friday March 20 10-11:30 and will be our “love birds” painting

All ages welcome, under 6 might need some assistance and patience.

We will be posting the projects and the supplies a few days early so that you might get everything gathered.
We know we will have so many of our artists ready to join in the fun.

😃 We can’t wait to create with you all 😃

🎨 🎨 Limited budget ??? 🎨 🎨
We have designed these classes so that they might be painted on a piece of heavy water color paper as well as canvas.
For $20 you can have up to 20 paintings or more. Or go in halfsies with a friend.

Stay tuned for first painting and supply list.