3/2, 3  Submit completed collaborative reading prompts for the novel on Google Classroom.   Complete the Booker T. Washington speech dissection (3 sentences per prompt).

2/27, 28  Finish the novel.  Green Reader Diary entries for Frome and Piano Lesson due 3/4, 3/5.  (Lavender character charts for the Piano Lesson are here in the classroom return work drawer to place in  your diary in lieu of writing more character stuff.)

Work on reading prompts on Google  Classroom.

2/25/26  Read chapters 7-16.  Expect a quiz.  Respond to the reading prompts on Google Classroom.

2/23, 24

Read chapters 1-6 of Their Eyes Were Watching God.  Expect a quiz.  

2/12, 13

No homework.  TGIMWB.

If you were absent for graded discussion on 2/12 or 2/13, responded to the "Ethan Frome Graded Discussion Absence Make-up " prompts loaded under documents.

2/10, 11  Ain't I a Woman Speech Analysis -- see powerpoint loaded under documents or Google Classroom for video link.


Optional revised Hamlet essay:  Attach the original and highlight all changes.

2/6, 9  Ethan Frome reading and annotations due 2/10, 2/11.  These are typed, 3-4 sentences ea.


Optional revised Hamlet essay:  Attach the original and highlight all changes made.

2/4, 5

Type your film review.  Feel free to add images.

Ethan Frome reading and annotations due 2/10, 2/11:  See documents for 19th Century Female Role powerpoint and Determinism powerpoint.

2/2, 2/3

Solitude of Self speech dissection -- See Google Classroom for link on powerpoint loaded under documents. Watch the video on the "concatenation" powerpoint on Google Classroom  to help define  that   literary device.

1/28, 29  Hamlet Green Reader Diary entry.  

1/26, 27  Review the powerpoint and documents on Google Classroom for Hamlet Argumentative Essay.  Argumentative essay is due next period: typed, MLA, printed, Works Cited page attached.

Hamlet debates will be next period.


1/23, 26  Finish reading The Piano Lesson and completing the character chart.  See Google Classroom for text and links.


Argumentative essay --- typed, MLA, Works Cited attached -- is due 1/29 (gold) and 1?30 (Blue).  Debates will be  on those days.

1/21, 22

Find and THOROUGHLY annotate a second article/literary criticism/ scholarly essay to support your team's debate. See below --

1/16, 20

Find and THOROUGHLY annotate one article/scholarly essay to support your team's debate -- either  claim or counterclaim.  Try the databases attached to THS Library Research.

Get your permission slip signed;  take the signed slip and $9.00 to the cashier BY Friday, 1/23.

Ask your parent to chaperone the field trip to the Seattle Repertory's production of The Piano Lesson (free for chaperones!!).

1/14, 15

Read Act V.  Annotate for hamartias and themes (see powerpoint under documents or EW notes)



Get your permission slip signed.

1/12, 13

Text annotations for Act IV study guide

1/8, 9

Text annotations for Act III Study Guide

Optional revised Obasan essay-- attach original and highlight changes

1/6, 1/7

Act II Study Guide -- remember these need incorporated quotes and should be 3 sentences in length for each response.

Complete text annotations for Act III,iii and III, iv -- remember (happily, I'm sure  :)) these are side margin annotations written right in your text.   Be sure to label each response with the corresponding prompt number .  

If you were absent, find prompts under documents.


Optional Obasan revisions due 1/12, 13 -- attach original and highlight all changes.

12/19, 1/5

Read and annotate  the "Now I am alone. O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I" soliloquy ending Act II.  Respond to the soliloquy writing prompt:  Write an essay in 40 minutes in which you show  how the author uses literary devices for development of both character and character values to achieve  his purpose.

12/17, 18

Analyze the philosophical interchange between Hamlet, Ros and Guil, Act II,ii (p. 40, beginning  with "Denmark's a prison" and ending with "Shall we to the court?" on page 41.  In a double-spaced, typed, single page response, analyze Hamlet's assertion that a monarch and a hero are merely beggars's shadows.  Does it have merit?  Incorporate a minimum of three "mini-quotes" from the play.

If you missed class, powerpoints are loaded under documents.

12/15, 16

Hamlet Act I Study guide.

Extra Credit!  Memorize To Be or Not to Be verbatim  --  due 1/5, 6


12/11, 12

Hamlet soliloquy PDIDLS worksheet

12/ 9, 10

Make up the terms quiz.

Complete the directions for Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance loaded under documents (handouts are in the classroom Absence Binder).

Read Hamlet, Act I, i, ii.  Complete the speech analysis for Claudius' first monologue, Act I, ii (pp. 7 and 8)

Complete the Obasan Green Reader Diary entry.

123, 4; 5,8

Obasan essay due 12/9, 10.  THIS IS  A PRINTED, POLISHED ESSAY,   NOT A ROUGH DRAFT.


11/26, 27

Respond to the green 2013 AP Lit Q-2 passage (The Rainbow)  prompt in your EW Journal.  Spend no more than 40 minutes.

11/25, 26

Obasan Analytical Essay due 12/9, 10


(If absent, get presentation notes copied in EW Journal)

11/21, 24

Create 5-10 notecards (for EACH presenter)  as speaking guides for your presentation. 11/19, 20

Print and thoroughly annotate one database  article, essay, text, etc.  related to your topic for EACH presenter (different article for each person) .


ALl Presentations must be saved in the Public Drive/AHobson by 11/25, 26.

11/17, 18

Work on presentations.

11/13, 14

Finish the novel.

Annotations are due 11/17, 18.


Sample presentation powerpoints are loaded under documents.

11/10, 12

  Read  pp. 213-283.  

Compare the exemplars on AP Central, 2013 Question 2.  If you are absent, you can get a copy of the 2013 passage for Question 2 on the A.P. Central website.  See powerpoint loaded under documents.

 Annotations due 11.17, 18

11/7, 8

Complete the passage analysis packet.    Read pp. 142-212.

11/4, 5

Read pp 71-141.

10/30, 11/3

Read 1-70 in Obasan.  Be ready for pop quizzes and start working on annotations.

10/28, 29

Creative Project

Green Reader Diary entry due 11/4 -- blue; 11/3 -- gold

10/24, 27  Polished essay due next period.  Attach the rough draft and editing sheet.

Creative Project due 10/30, 11/3

10/22, 23

Creative Project due 10/30, 11/3

Oedipus Analytical Essay -- rough draft due 10/24, 27; Final essay due 10/28,29.

10/20, 21

Creative project -

Oedipus Analytical Essay -- rough draft due 10/24, 27; Final due 10/28, 29 -- Essay prompt and rubric are loaded under documents.

(if absent 10/20, 21 -- follow instructions on Oedipus Thematic Exploration powerpoint loaded under documents.)


10/16,  17

Oedipus Debate.  If you were absent, follow the instructions on the Oedipus Debate powerpoint loaded under  documents.

Creative Project due 

10/14, 15



Respond to the reading prompts #2 , pp 14-end.

10/10, 13

Respond to the reading prompts for pp 1-13.

10/8, 9

Read the first 17 pages of Oedipus Rex.  Highlight all unfamiliar words.  Define 10 in your EW Journal.

10/6, 7

Complete the Untitled Multiple Choice.

10/2, 3


In your EW Journal,choose either prompt #1 or prompt #5 to respond answer.  Spend no more than 40 minutes.

9/30, 10/1

Typed thesis statements.


9/26, 29  

Write the symbol topic paper (see assignment and rubric under "documents")  If you consult outside sources (DO NOT use Sparknotes, ENotes, etc), be sure to credit your sources.

9/24. 25

Find and annotate for symbols/motifs in your assigned chapters.  Need 5 quotes, 3 sentence annotation for each.  They do not have to all be about the same  symbol or motif.

 Complete the lavender multiple choice questions.  For every answer, provide text evidence from the passage. 

If your team did not finish the minor character powerpoint and submit on Google Classroom, make sure you do  that before next class.

9/22, 23

For the optional essay revisions, see the Editing Ideas powerpoint or stop in for help.  Revisions due 9/29/30; attach the original, marked essay, including rubric, and highlight all changes made in the polished version.

9/18, 19

Complete the reading guide for Ethics in Gatsby:   An Examination of American Values -- due 9/24, 25

9/16, 17

In a typed 250-350 word response, evaluate the author's points in ONE -- not both -- of the two literary criticisms:  Giles Mitchell's Gatsby is a Pathological Narcissist or Robert Ornstein's Gatsby is a Classic Romantic.  In other words, do you agree or disagree with the author's analysis?  You must include at least two quotes (remember the power of the judiciously selected phrase) from the essay and two from the novel in your response.  Use MLA format.


Be sure to follow the reading instructions and complete the required highlighting/annotating for BOTH readings.


9/12, 15  


In your assigned chapters, find  and annotate for evidence of JAY GATSBY as  narcissist and romantic hero.  Type your annotations.  You need a minimum of ten, 3-5 sentences in length.  Include the quote, page number, context and connection to narcissism or romantic heroism.  If you were absent and do not have assigned chapters, use Chapters 4 and 5.  Please view the first five slides on the "Gatsby:  Romantic Hero or Narcissist" powerpoint, including the links, for defining characteristics of narcissism and heroism. 


9/10, 11

Polished final draft.  Attach rubric, rough draft and editing sheet

 9/8, 9  

Essay Draft -- complete -- typed, hard  copy printed before class begins

aesop revised by archy tone sheet completed

/4, 5

.Define 10-15 unfamiliar (or less familiar) words from the gold TONE sheet.  Write these in your EW JOurnal.

Complete and get syllabus signed (answers loaded under documents).  Pay cashier $4.50.

Thousand Splendid Suns essay rough draft is due 9/10, 11.  Essay must be typed and printed before class begins.

9/2, 3  

1.  Get a composition book to dedicate to AP Literature.

2.  In your EW Journal, define a minimum of 10 unfamiliar (or less familiar)  words from  the Tone Lexicon sheet.

A.P. Literature Summer Reading Assignment

Please see the detailed description under "Documents."  You will turn in a typed copy of the quotes selected for each novel and a typed copy of the annotations.  Make sure the quotes you select are germane to the prompts listed on the summer assignment for each novel and that your annotations explain that relevance.  I have loaded a sample for a different novel under documents.

You will also need to have the entries for both novels completed in your Green Reader's Diary.  Most of you have your diaries; if you do not, I have loaded the Green Reader Diary under "documents."


The Green Reader Diary is a Publisher file.  If you do not have the program, you can open and print the documents at the public library.

Have an excellent summer.