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Indian Boarding School Education (1 image)

 Over the past almost twenty years, I have conducted extensive research on Indian schools and Indian education in the United States and Canada. I edited and published with the University of Nebraska Press (2004) the memoir of Edwin Chalcraft, who worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs as a superintendent and educator for some forty years.
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Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (1 image)

 I am currently editing for publication the memoir of a surgeon who worked as head administrator of the Pine Ridge Hospital from 1953-1955. The publication is under final stages of review for the University of Nebraska Press.
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 Tahoma National Cemetery is located just outside Maple Valley, Washington, and is the final resting place of over 22,000 veterans. Tahoma Junior High School places flags on each grave each Memorial Day and we clean and decorate graves each Veteran's Day. Integrated 9 students in 2007-2009 are creating a history of Tahoma National Cemetery as well as a DVD/Documentary.
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