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Diggin' in the dirt 2011 (0 images)

No PhotosGeo students had a great day to dig soil trenches and gather data.
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Fire and Ice Field Trip 16 May (8 images)

 Some like it HOT! The weather cooperated with temperatures near 100 degrees as intrepid proto geologists examined CRB's, sediments, and looked for geomorphological evidence of glacial outburst floods.
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Fire and Ice Trip 5 June (4 images)

 The 14th FI trip started dry and warm. Bretz would have been proud of the most excellent field work done by students. We lost one sleeping bag on Tiger Mountain, then drenched the rest in a thunderstorm in Moses Coulee. (Luckily, they all dried out by camp.) This time, there was no sprinkler incident at Sun Lakes Camp. On day two, we spotted a little black animal on the highway in the desert outside Beverly. Michael's mom stopped to get the abandoned pup and the group gained a new mascot named "Dale."
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Inquiry science: Unity and diversity in the Northwest forest (8 images)

 Fieldwork for sophomores. Students spent time in the forest behind THS looking at organisms that live there. What are the similarities? What are the differences? What conclusions can we draw from these similarities and differences?
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UW Campus Trips 2011: 100 dawgs on the loose (2 images)

 It was seriously cold during the field work near Preston and walking around the UW campus. Students spent time applying their textbook knowledge of sedimentary and igneous rocks to the outcrop of the Tukwila Formation east of Issaquah. At the Burke Museum, students had a taste of Paleontology as they walked forwards through time, starting with the Paleozoic. In addition to field work and learning some paleontology, students visited "home campus" to see the Dawg's den. We hiked around campus to see Kane Hall and Johnson Hall. (Lehmans rule: you take a hike on every field trip-even in the city!) We took the obligatory pics in front of Johnson hall (home of Earth and Space Sciences), we also went inside to view some cool rock murals. Nobody got lost. It was a fine couple of days, two great groups of geo students, and two sweet trips.
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UW Rainier Field Trip 2011 (5 images)

 Two days of nice weather! Geo students made it up to first Burroughs Mountain. The views were inspiring. Tuesday's mountaineers saw Mount Baker, the Olympics, the UW campus, and Mt. Stuart. Thursdays hikers were treated to mystic views of the mountains as they mysteriously popped in and out of the fog. We had our first taste of data collection sampling some uncolsolidated sediments above the White River Campground and some volcanic rock on the way up to the first viewpoint.
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