Discussion Threads Can Be Accessed on the Discussion Tab of this Swift Website.

To Receive Extra Credit this Discussion Blog a Student Must:

1. Talk to their parent about today's entry task and learning target, sharing with their parent what they learned about these topics in today's AP Biology class . Remember that teaching others is the best way to learn.

2. Have their parent submit a comment to this discussion topic through my swift website reflecting what they found interesting from their discussion with their student/child.

3. The student must also submit their own comment about this discussion topic on my swift site in regards to what more they learned from discussing the topic with the parent.

Both the student and the parent must submit their comments to the discussion thread topics to receive extra credit for the student. The more discussion threads that you both submit, the greater the extra credit boost at the end of semester.

The ultimate goal of this is to get students to process the learning targets from each AP Biology lesson, so that they are ready for the AP Biology Test in May and to foster a connection between their learning at school and the learning that can continue at home with their parents.
Remember that teaching others is the best way to learn, don't be afraid to share your ideas.

Thanks for participating,
Jonathan Neil

AP Biology Schedule
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