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ETD 12: Draw and Fully label a 4 base pai long section of DNA with directionality.October 14, 20199
ETD 13: A Explain the Role of each in Protein Synthesis: Rna Polymerase, Spliceosomes, Codons, Ribosomes, tRNA. B. Explain the steps that lead to the translation of a section of DNA.October 6, 20199
ETD 2: A. What are GQs + Pro-Points? + B. What are the 8 Major Themes of Biology?September 30, 201922
ETD 7: A. Name and Draw the 7 Functional Groups, Explain their functions, and give an example of each. + B. What they such "FUNc" tional groups?September 30, 201915
ETD 9: A. Draw + Explain the different levels of protein structure + explain how it relates to your ribbon model? + B. What is an Enzyme + What do they do?September 29, 201911
ETD 8: A. Draw + Explain how polymers Form + Break(THink Choo-Choo Trains). + B. What are the 4 main types of Macro Organic Molecules?September 29, 201916
ETD 27: A. What is the difference between a kinase and a Phosphatase? B. Why do you need both?September 9, 20197
Day 38 A. Draw and Explain the stages of mitosis. B. Why do chemotherapy patients lose their hair?September 9, 20196
ETD 40 A. What are sordaria and how can you use them to figure out map units? B. Why would you want to do this? C. Define each in your own words: Homozygous, Heterozygous, Genotype, PhenotypeAugust 24, 20199
ETD 39 A. What are the main differences between mitosis + meiosis? B. Where would you find each occuring?July 17, 201918