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ETD 4: A. What is the difference between Kinesis + Taxis? + B. What doe sit take to write a cquality conclusion for the survival in the coot study?June 29, 202019
ETD 34: A. Why would a plant have leaves with green tops + red bottoms? B. Why do tree become more colorful in the fall?June 13, 202019
ETD 23 A.Compare + Contrast Plant, ANimal , and Bacteria Cells. B. Why must cells stay small?May 27, 202014
ETD 65: A. WHat are some major Resp, Circ, + Digestive Differences between Tadpoles, Adult Frogs, + Humans? B. Why is Congenital Heart Disease so common in human infants?May 21, 20205
ETD 38: A. Draw+Explain the stages of mitosis. B. Why do chemotherapy patients lose their hair?April 20, 202014
ETD 59A. Label the parts of a typical flower and describe the funciton of each. B. Explain the process of Double Fertilization. C. Draw and Explain how a Giant Sequoia gets all that it needs for and from photosynthesis. April 8, 20207
ETD 26: Draw + Explain All A.Explain what cyto, sis, exo, endo, phago, and pino mean. B. What does the graph show is happening to bags A, B, +C C. Do Fish DrinkApril 1, 202015
ETD 60: A. Why are crustaceans and insects thought to be closely related? B, What 4 characteristics are seen in all chordates and what is the function of each?March 12, 20205
ETD59: Why are echinoderms thought to be close relatives to chordates?March 12, 20208
ETD 58: A. What is the importance of mycorrhizae? B. What are the major stages of Animal Embryonic Development?March 11, 202010