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ETD 2: A. What are GQs + Pro-Points? + B. What are the 8 Major Themes of Biology?
September 30, 2013 at 3:29pm


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Melissa Anthony
October 13, 2015 at 9:20pm


GQs are Great Questions.  During Open House, I noticed Melissa's name wasn't on the GQ list, and I wondered why.  She always asks insightful questions at home.

Pro-points are the 100 points rewarded at the end of the course for required behavior: "All Homework", "No Tardies", "Get Involved", "Test Well", "Pay Attention", the nebulous "Respect", and "Ask Good Questions".  The points are simultaneously considered "required" and "extra credit".  I'm particularly concerned about the "No Tardies", since Melissa has some medical issues that affect her attendance.

The 8 major themes of biology are the ones we discussed during the open house: SS WEBBEG.  Science, Society, Web, Energy, Building block, Balance, Evolution, Genetics.


I thought more about how the 8 themes of biology relate to what we are learning right now after discussing them with my parent. I also noticed that some of the parts of SSWEBBEG are the same as the ones in C BIG MRS GRENDE.

Makaila Heifner
October 18, 2015 at 6:49pm

Parent: The Pro-Points seem like a great way to improve a student's grade, and hopefully Makaila gets 100%! Makaila and I discussed the themes of biology and example for each.

Student: I found going over SSWEBBEG was helpful for me because it reminded me of all the realms of biology. It shows that biology relates to everything in our lives and it made me curious about what improvement or advances we will make in the future due to biology.  

Adam Wulfing
November 01, 2015 at 1:27pm

Parent:  A;  Pro points are bonus points added at the end of the semester due to how the stud ent participates, respects, scores, participates, tardies,   GQs are good Questions asked to Mr. Neal.

B:  Science, society, web (all things are interconnected, evelution, building blocks, balance, energy, genes.   SSWEBBEG 

Student:  I was abele to review the main points in how to be professional in mr neils class in addition to why great questions are asked due to the first step in the scientific method to question everything.

It is also important to remember the 8 themes of biology and it was helpful to review the important themes of biology and to see how they are interconnected with what we are learning now.

Alex Gibbs
November 01, 2015 at 8:14pm


GQ means "Good Questions" and Pro Points=Paying Attention and are a way to get extra credit. And about Science, Society, Web, Evolution, Building Blocks, Balance, Energy, Genes.


I taught my parent about Good Questions (why? or how?). Pro Points are a free 100 point bonus at the end of the semester, but I will have to meet requirements to receive them. Lastly, I talked about SSWEBBEG, the 8 major themes of biology. Science (to know or wisdom), Society (morals), Web (things work together), Evolution (Bones, and thumbs), Building Blocks (form=function), Balance (homeostasis), Energy (sun-apple-motion), Genes (DNA, genetic mechanisms).

Anne Sweeney
November 16, 2015 at 6:55pm

Parent:It’s good to know there are ways to make extra credit points by staying focused in class, taking good notes and keeping up with the reading material.  It would seem the logical result of these practices would be having good questions to ask.

Student: It was helpful to review the pro-points and the general questions to see if I am actually achieving these goals.  Reviewing the 8 themes of biology helped me remember the main ideas of the year and see what ones we are focusing on right now.

Lauren Masters
November 25, 2015 at 11:33am

Parent: Oh my biology has changed since I was in high school. We never learned about things so this is new to me. Pro points are how to interact in class.

Student: I taught my mom about SSWEBBEG and we talked about pro points. SSWEBBEG helped me to explain to her the themes of biology since she did not know them.

Kate Freeman
January 09, 2016 at 10:16am

Parent: I learned about the class expectations for Biology today.  She explained to me what the 8 Major Themes of Biology were. I was shown how she could receive the bonus 100 points for the semester by adhering to the 5 points spelled out. I was told that all of these are important, but that asking questions is key for understanding the concepts. 

Student: I taught my dad about how pro points work by interacting in class and I explained the 8 major themes of biology from the acronym SSWEBBEG. I talked about how to earn pro points by completing all assignments, doing well on tests, participating, acting professionally, and asking questions. It was good to review these aspects as it helped me remember to always ask questions and also see what major theme of biology the class is focusing on now. 

Brody Magbaleta
October 12, 2017 at 10:48pm

Parent: Today I learned about Professional Points & Great Questions as well as the eight (8) major themes in Bio. The professional points and GQ should encourage participation and engagement during the school year, but what stood out to me was what it means to be a professional student and their responsibility to learn. I also learned about SSWEBBEG. The 'W" or Web was of interest as it was meant to interconnect with ecosystems.

Student: I taught my parents about how professional points and great questions are part of your participation grade in class. I talked about having no tardies, doing well on tests, completing all assignments, and being an active participant in class by asking questions starting with why or how was important to understanding biology at a deeper level. I also explained the 8 major themes of biology to them. I taught them the acronym SSWEBBEG. Re-teaching SSWEBBEG helped me remember the difference between SSWEBBEG and C BIG MRS GRENDE. 

Jacob Michaels
October 26, 2017 at 4:24pm

Parent- Pro points are short for professional points.  If you want pro points you'll have to be a professional student.  There are 100 points each semester.  They can be obtained by:

*completing all assignments*doing your etd/ doing well on tests*participating in class*having good behavior*no tardies*asking great questions

SSWEBBEG stands for science as a process, society, web, energy, building blocks, balance, evolution, genes.

Student- I taught my dad about how I will go about obtaining all of my 100 pro points for the semester, going over them with him not only showed him what is expected of me but also solidified the expectations for myself so it is crystal clear exactly what will be expected in Mr. Neil's room. I also added a second acronym in SSWEBBEG to my arsenal alongside C BIG MRS GRENDE so I know what it takes to be alive and what the 8 major themes of Biology are.

Joey Ribera
December 31, 2017 at 4:58pm

Parent: Pro-Points are professional points. It's 100 points each semester and in order to receive these points you must complete all assignments, do well on tests, participate in class, have good behavior, no tardies, and ask great questions(why or how).  GQs stand for great questions

SSWEBBEG is the acronym to remember the major themes of biology. It stands for science process, society, webs, energy, building blocks, balance, evolve, and genes.

Student: I reviewed with my parents what pro-points are and how there are certain requirements a student must reach to obtain the maximum amount of points. The whole point of these points are to help the student stay on task and focused in order to learn. GQs are one way to better our learning. By asking "How" or "why" questions allows us to further our thinking. 

I thought my parents about SSWEBBEG which is a saying that covers the 8 major themes of biology. Each theme has something to do with the different parts of science, but they are all significant. 

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