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ETD 44. A. What are the secret tricks to solving modes of inheritance? B. Why is this tiger swallow tail 1/2 black + 1/2 yellow?
January 16, 2014 at 8:00am


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Emilia Barkdull
January 28, 2020 at 1:48am

Student: I started on solving one trait at a time but then I emphasized the importance of finding the 'white flower' the recessive trait and then crossing it multiple times. The true breeds are important because it allows for a generation of all heterozygous dominant Drosephila, allowing to see the dominant and recessive traits within that population. I also talked about how to figure out if a trait is autosomal or sex linked. Sex-linked traits are almost always linked to the x chromosome, such as why colorblindness in dominant among males. Then last to see if the trait is linked or not. I talked about how my favorite part of this ETD was about the swallowtail. In detail I described the traits linked to each sex and why overall it was Gynandromorphy. 

Parent: Emilia explained the secret tricks to solving modes of inheritance for drosephila (fruit flies):  (1) Always solve one trait at a time; (2) Isolate and used pure breds; (3) Test cross; (4) Figure out if it is autosomal or sex-linked; and (5) Find out if the traits are linked to each other or unlinked to each other.  She also talked about the Gynandromorphy Tiger Swallowtail.  Specifically, she talked about its nondisjunction due to the fact that the kineticore did not connect correctly.  When this happens, the Tiger Swallowtail has a monosomi sex gene and trisomi sex gene, which is manifest in the different colored wings.

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