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The 2019-20 Chem Homework Calendar can be found under Category 1 Agenda + Hwk Calendar in the the Documents Page.  The Homework Calendar is Updated to Nov 26th to the end of the Rxn Unit.
The Chem Agenda showing Daily Homework Assignments and ETD's for Each Day can be found on the Documents page under Category 1 Agenda + Hwk Calendar. Click Categories and Then Choose the Unit we are studying, all docs are organized by Unit. 
Click Categories on the documents page, all of the Units will appear in the drop down menu. 
Click the Unit we are currently studying and all of the documents for that Unit will appear for you to select, download, print, and complete prior to returning to class from an absence. 

Find a general plan for  the Chemistry Schedule under the documents tab in the Unit 1 document plan doc.
For UT On-Line Homework Only:
Look under links for the UT On-line homework site.

To type in the answers on the UT assignment
-Do not round numbers on the periodic table
-Use 4 significant figures
-For scientific notation type it like you would in a calculator
Ex. 6.022e23
-Do not put units on the answers

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Thanks for being responsible and checking swift.
Some Clarifications are listed below:
Please Remember:



CURIOSITY is the greatest intelligence.

To be great at something, you must love it. To be great at learning, you must love it first.

ETDs(Etry Task Diaries = Science Journal)
There will be an ETD entry for every day of class. It is required to have all of them completed. They are great study guides for the tests.


Students must complete a SCAR in their ETD(Entry Task Diaries)as an exit task every day that we have class.
SCAR = S(Simplify), C(Connect), C(Analogies), and R(Repeat)
Simplify = 3 Key Words and Ideas defined in your own words, short and sweet.
Connect = Draw a simple picture of the idea with labels

Analogy = Draw and/or Explain what the idea is similar to and why.  "_______is like _________, because...." 

Repeat = 3 Other examples of the idea written or drawn
The deeper the SCAR (aka the more detailed your work), the longer the memory will last and the better your grade for it will be.


School is about learning, and proof of learning comes from the completion of assignments. Students are required to at least attempt to achieve the learning provided by their assignments, which means that they must attempt to complete all assignments fully. Fully completed assignments can get 100% credit. If a student completes 50% of the assigned work, then they can only get 50% credit, because of the student's lack of effort.

The HOMEWORK and ASSIGNMENT POLICY is 1 class late you lose 40%, 2 classes late you get a zero.


Students who are ABSENT have 5 school days to make up missed assignments from the day of that absence. If the assignments are not made up after five days then they receive a zero for the assignment. If a student is absent on the day that an assignment is due, that assignment needs to be turned in the day that they return to science class. ETDs occur everyday, it is the students job to complete all entrees, which requires 1st asking a fellow classmate what the missed ETD questions were. If you still have trouble finding out what they were, then come and ask me.


I am here to help students academically during Power Hour A every day and After School on  Monday-Thursday in room 320 until 2:40 to help students that make the effort to come in for extra help.  This time is for students who need to make up labs, tests, or just need some extra help with their assignments.