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"More than a body of knowledge, Science is way of thinking, of skeptically interrogating the Universe."
    -Carl Sagan
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  The only thing that never changes is the fact that things that vein, I'll be (trying to) transition(ing) to a more student-friendly (aka smart-phone-compatible) format, namely, Google Classroom in the 2019-2020 school year for at least my two elective courses.  As with most things, Murphy's Law will undoubtedly make it presence known so I ask that you bear with me through this transition.  My Google Classroom codes are listed on their respective LoomBlogs.

I teach 

  Oceanography & Marine Biology
marbio spring2019.jpg
 (aka "BES: Biology & Earth Systems"
the required science course for Tahoma Freshmen)
We are piloting a brand new curriculum
this year so, frankly, I can't give you much
info regarding the topics/units.
I'm in the same boat as you...
"Let's wait-and-see."

Here's my schedule for the First Semester of the 2019-2020 school year:

BLUE DAYS                                  GOLD DAYS
                 BES                                        --------prep--------    
      BES                                       Biology (BES) 
       Marine Biology                           Oceanography        
-------prep-------                         Oceanography  

I am also the Advisor of the
aaaaaaand.....WE BOUGHT A STAR!!! ...and named it TAHOMA!!!
(best-of-all, it's part of the constellation Ursa Major...better known as the Big Dipper or, The Big Bear!!)
tahoma star.JPG


Everyone has to have a hero...or are mine;
Bill and Neil


Speaking of awesome peeps, I've actually MET these 3 characters (though not at the same time)
Met/talked with Bill back in '89, Jamie & Adam in '09

 How I "feel the burn" during the winter months...
 Hidden Valley on Snoqualmie East (aka Hyak)

A native of Snohomish I graduated from WSU (BS Biology 82) and CWU (MS Biology 85 and BS Science Education 85) and have attended classes on the campuses of UW, WWU, PLU, GonzagaU and Evergreen State so should you have questions about these schools, I have a personal perspective.

The excessive snowpack allowed me to enjoy Crystal Mountain's upper runs late into the Spring.
Here's good ol' "Tahoma" from Lucky Shot (this was June 4th of 2011)!

I began teaching 9th grade science in the South Kitsap School District back in 1985. 
In 1990 I became the only science teacher at a small rural high school on the coast in Ocean Shores.  For ten years I spent every day teaching Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth and Marine Sciences...and Driver's Ed! 
As Y2K rolled around I returned to the Puget Sound area joining the staff at Kentlake HS teaching Geology, Biology, Oceanography, and Material Science. 
Finally, in 2004, I accepted an offer to join the science department here at THS.  The point is that I have taught just about every science class offered at every size of school, smallest-to-largest, so should you have questions, I should be able to help you discover answers.

In November of 2009, after more than a year of blood, sweat, and jeers, I earned my National Board Certification (a 297 on my first attempt)!!!!!
Nationally Certified in Adolescent and Young Adult Biology since 2006.
Thank yous go to the TREMENDOUS support of colleagues, friends,
and administrators...and the sacrifices of my wife, without whom,
no great accomplishment is ever achieved.

So... what's on my laptop background?

Only the coolest scifi EVER!

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