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Marine Biology





This old dog is trying a new trick. Please be patient as I (attempt to) transition over to Google Classroom.  For those of you already fluent in everything Googly, my Marine Bio class code is  57visu

To find out what happens in class each day, use my Google Classroom. Keeping a separate "blog" turned out to be redundant.

First day of class...

 Everyone took a "prequiz" and I went over room-specific policies & procedures (you can find a copy under the DOCUMENTS page of this website).

IF you are ever ABSENT, THIS IS YOUR "HOMEWORK" READ THIS BLOG and TELL Loomis (first-thing) what it told you we were doing while you were gone.


Students MUST HAVE a 3-ring binder (with 1" rings), one that will hold NOTHING but the REQUIRED paperwork.  None of your materials from other classes allowed.  If you're not too picky, I have a few "used" ones available in class (Reduce, Reuse, know the mantra)...but don't count on it.  It's best to arrive with your own.  If your backpack is already too full, ask, and I'll provide you a safe space to store it in class.


to recap...HOMEWORK:


1) Get the Course Expectations "signed"* and returned


2) Get a 3-ring (1"rings) binder ASAP


  *either hard copy/old school-style or scroll down/read for the "green" version (B below)...


 Extra Credit opportunities;
(A) I would like to be able to send you important reminders via text message...without violating anyone's privacy.  Scroll down and text me the message below to "sign up" with REMIND. You will earn 10 points XC for joining (and parents/guardians can join if they want but sorry, no extra credit for them).
(B) You can then score another 10 extra credit points if you can get your parent/guardian to ...(a) download the course description (syllabus) found under DOCUMENTS: Marine Biology, (b) look it over (DON'T PRINT IT), and (c) send me an email as follows;


 SUBJECT: student name

EMAIL: I am___'s (parent).  I've read the marine biology course expectations.



Get EXTRA CREDIT!!  Sign up for REMIND;

 Don't forget the @ symbol!!