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This old dog is trying a new trick. Please be patient as I (attempt to) transition over to Google Classroom.  For those of you already fluent in everything Googly, my Oceanography class code is  d9heoy


Keeping a separate blog turned out to be redundant...use my Google Classroom to find out what's going on in class each day.
First day of school...


Sept 4

School-wide, we spent the first day discussing the 3Cs of Community, Commitment, and Character... participating in some ice breakers.

 Then everyone took a "prequiz" and I went over room-specific policies & procedures (you can find a copy under the DOCUMENTS page of this website).

1) Get the Course Expectations "signed"* and returned

 *either hard copy/old school-style or scroll down/read for the "green" version


(1) If you haven't already done it, click on over to the "Documents" link and download/watch the power point (virtual catalog) that describes what the class is all about. Consider the power pt my "syllabus."

(2) Since the vast majority of folks regularly navigate their lives via their cell phone each day, I've registered with "Remind" app that allows me to text you (your parents/guardians) with reminders about due dates, upcoming tests, etc. Here's what you need to do to "sign up"...




I'll send a test message the first week of classes and after that, try to keep further texts to a minimum, STRICTLY SCHOOL-RELATED INFO (specific to OCEANOGRAPHY). Anyone can "sign up" I said, parents/guardians as well.


(3) Your first "homework assignment" will be getting your course expectations signed by parent/guardian. There are 2 ways to do this. The traditional method (get a hard copy from me in class, take it home, get it signed, return it) or the "green" method. Doing it the "green" way will score you EXTRA CREDIT. To earn the "green" points click on over to the "Documents" link, download the COURSE EXPECTATIONS for your particular course, DO NOT PRINT but rather have a parent/guardian read over the (e-version of the) document, and finally, your


EMAIL ME at the following email address;
Include, in the email, the following;

 Please put STUDENT'S NAME in the Subject line.
"I looked over the syllabus/expectations for Oceanography . ------parent name------- , parent of -------student name------- "(this will qualify as an electronic signature)

 With regard to academics, if there's something you'd like to share, please do so...anything that might help your student be more successful this year (strengths, challenges, etc).