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This old (Loom)dog is trying a new trick. Please be patient as I (attempt to) transition over to Google Classroom.  For those of you already fluent in everything Googly, my class code for...
Period 1 is  zl3jrl
Period 2 is  lic2dp
Period 6 is  aqc939




Keeping a separate blog turned out to be redundant...use my Google Classroom to find out what's going on in class each day.
First day of school...

OK...this is gonna be fun (trust me*). After teaching (and carefully refining) the same curriculum for the past 15 years at THS, the Tahoma Science Department has unanimously decided to try something......different. I'll be frank. I have NO IDEA what's going to happen. EVERYTHING is new.  New curriculum, new activities, new assignments & projects, new labs, new tests...while it  can be exciting to try new stuff, it will require us all to be a little flexible. Much of the curriculum is being written AS YOU READ THIS. There will be "bumps in the road." But we're in this, together...15 sections at THS, the entire Freshman Class, 9 science teachers so be patient, be flexible, and look at this experience as an opportunity.

*trust is earned...I get that...we don't know one can you trust someone you don't even know?  You can't...but in so far as I'm a teacher because I care for your academic success, maybe I can earn a tiny iota of trust?

While so much is UNknown, I can tell you the various units that will engage us;
Diversity of Life
Ecological Impacts of Climate Change
Infectious Diseases


We went over policies & procedures (especially those unique to rm219).


Get the Course Expectations (syllabus) "signed"* and returned. 

FYI: Every student is REQUIRED to have a standard-issue "Comp Book" (see below).  I'd prefer it had the typical lined paper (not graph) but feel free to express yourself if the store offers a variety of cover motifs.

 *either hard copy/old school-style or scroll down/read for the "green" version



(1) If you haven't already done it, click on over to the "Documents" page (linked over in the left margin) and download/watch the power point (virtual catalog) that describes what the class is all about. Consider the power pt my "syllabus" (not the Course Expectations).

NOTE: Item 2 (below) is not "written in stone" I convert to Google Classroom, the value of Remind may drop significantly as it will be redundant.  I still too new to this process to judge. So you can sign up but if Google emails prove to be more efficient, Remind may end up being deleted. Still, if you're interested...
(2) I've registered with "Remind" app that allows me to text you (your parents/guardians) with reminders about due dates, upcoming tests, etc. Here's what you need to do to "sign up"...

I'll send a test message the first week of classes and after that, try to keep further texts to a minimum, STRICTLY SCHOOL-RELATED INFO (specific to SCIENCE). Anyone can "sign up"...even parents/guardians. Don't forget to include the @ symbol in your text!

Your first "homework assignment" will be getting your Course Expectations signed by parent/guardian. There are 2 ways to do this. The traditional method (get a hard copy from me in class, take it home, get it signed, return it) or the "green" method. Doing it the "green" way will score you EXTRA CREDIT (yep...between joining Remind and "going green" on the course expectations, you're off to a great start!). To earn the "green" points click on over to the "Documents" link, download the COURSE EXPECTATIONS for BES, DO NOT PRINT... rather have a parent/guardian read over the (e-version of the) document and then have your PARENT/GUARDIAN EMAIL ME at the following email address;

Include, in the email, the following; 

Please put STUDENT'S NAME in the Subject line then...

"I looked over the syllabus/expectations for BES .
 ------parent name------- , parent of -------student name------- "
(this will qualify as an electronic signature)

ALSO: With regard to academics, if there's something you'd like to share, please do so...anything that might help your student be more successful this year (strengths, challenges, etc).