This year I have the opportunity to Instruct Intro to Marketing, Advanced Marketing, and Retail Operations.  Our plan is to bring on Police Science next year for students who are interested in law Enforcement.  

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 Into to Marketing 

In this class you will get the basic understanding of Business.  This is a semester long that class that introduces you to the world of money. 

                                    Course Program

  1. Marketing Foundations
  2. Marketing Mix
  3. Marketing Strategies
  4. Promotion
  5. Economics



In this class you will be learning the basics of Marketing. You will be able to use your knowledge and skills during the projects you will create in class.

Projects and Course Program

1) First Marketing Project 
2) Resume/ cover letter/ get to know you.  Employment
3) Marketing Strategies
4) Promotion
5) Sales
6) Distribution
7) Marketing Information Management
8) Selling for the Future Exhibition (I need judges for this=EC).


Student registration

Judge Registration

9) Final: 1 to 3 person project: (choose one) Entreneuership, Advertising Campaign, Fashion promotion Plan, Professional Selling, or Two(2) role-play situations (see below). Each project includes a 100 question multiple choice test, a written report and a presentation.
10) Hot Chocolate Empire Task. The hot chocolate will be sold in January.

You need to make up a test or presentation? Give Mr. Devlin at least two days notice to schedule an appointment for before or after school.

To get to the syllabus:
This link will take you to the documents page. Just click in the 'Filter by Categories' dropdown and select 'Syllabus'.





Advanced Marketing

During this class you will be using your knowledge and skills that you developed in your Marketing class to complete many projects that you will create in class. You are required to chose a written DECA project that will be submitted to State. You will also compete at the DECA Area Conference in January.

Ask me for the password.

Your assignments: 

Virtual Business Retailing
DECA Written Project State Preparation.
Marketing for Maple Valley

The Bear Den Commercial Projects

School Base Enterprise Retail Operations
School Base Enterprise Project Food Operations

Selling for the Future Exhibition (I need judges for this)
Tahoma Tradeshow Management 


                               Course Program 

  1. Customer Service
  2. Management
  3. loss Prevention
  4. Financial Operations
  5. Promotions
  6. Purchasing
  7. Professional Development


To get to the syllabus:
This link will take you to the documents page. Just click in the "Filter by Name" box and type in Advanced Marketing syllabus.


Retail Operations

You will be running our own student store in this lab class. A food handlers permit is required (See below). 

Remember: Your grade is the two week progress report. There are 10 points for each 2 week grade period. 3 points for your productivity in the classroom (1 of those points are for APP), and 7 points for your productivity in the store. These are all or none numbers. You need to be ready for work when you get to class.


You are required to choose a written DECA project that will be submitted to state.  You will also compete at the Area DECA competition in January.


One of the ways you will be graded is by using one of the three Virtual Business programs online.  Retailing, Sports and Finance. To use the program, go to the link below and login. You need to register first and get the Course Key from Mr. Devlin.


                                    Course Program 

    1. Operations
    2. Financial Analysis
    3. Selling
    4. Marketing Information Management
    5. Market Planning
    6. Product Service Management
    7. Pricing
    8. Distribution
    9. Selling
    10. Human Resource Management




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The Bear Den Website

We are using GoTahoma for your Promotion Proposal. Just login to your GoTahoma account and look in your shared documents folder.

You can find more info on where to take the King County Food Handler test as well as the study guide and video to help you pass the test at this address: 


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