Here are some of my class policies: 

Food: I don't mind if students eat or drink in my class as long as there is no mess. Please bring water or drinks with lids that seal so when they are knocked over they don't spill. If food or drink becomes a problem within a certain class or for a specific student, they will lose the privilege. 

Cell Phones: Cell phones should be put away and kept away during class. Headphones are never allowed because it keeps students from interacting with each other and me. Circumstances where a student must be able to check their phone need to be brought to my attention at the beginning of class. 


Homework: You can expect homework daily. Although it can be turned in for full credit up to the day of the unit test, it is best to complete it by the next class so I can help address problems. Daily homework is graded for completeness so all students have a place to make mistakes and learn from them before an assessment. 


Quiz Corrections: Quizzes can be corrected to earn back up to 70% of the points missed. The quiz corrections need to be completed within a week of the original quiz and all work must be completed on the quiz correction form. The form is on the documents page for your class and available at any time in class. I am available to help with corrections during powerhour, before and after school. The purpose of corrections instead of retakes is to help students analyze their mistakes so they don't make the same mistake twice.