An Open Letter to Parents/Guardians

September 1, 2016

Hello, and thank you for visiting my SWIFT site!  

Outside of student effort, there is no more critical element in a student's successful education than engaged parent involvement and communication.  I hope you will visit this site throughout the year; I will maintain it predominantly for your access your students' activities and assignments.

Each year I strive to improve my accessibility to students and parents.  Like many of my colleagues, I will share materials with students through  I will do my best to mirror those documents in the Documents tab here on my SWIFT site for your perusal as well.  The first two documents you will find are the syllabi for the two classes I will teach this year:  New Visions and Beginning Drama.

As in past years, it is my intention to make frequent use of another communication tool:  Remind.  This program permits me to text information to students without ever having to know their telephone numbers.  I have found it to be very useful when reminding students of assignments, exams, tests, etc.  This year I want to encourage parents and guardians to sign up as well! I promise not to "deluge" you with meaningless texts. Rather, you will receive the same texts your student does, and this can be very helpful in keeping you informed about your student's class.  I will include links to the signup pages in the Links tab of this site.

Along with Remind, I encourage you to visit Family Access frequently to monitor your student's progress in my class.  You are also encouraged to call me at the school telephone number (425) 413-6200.  I will return messages as soon as possible.  The most dependable means of contacting me is through email; I check it multiple times per day.  My email address is


Thank you very much for entrusting your student to my care.  I promise to do my very best for them this year.

Best Regards,

Paul Rempfer, M.Ed.