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Pro Sports Career Day.


What is DECA?

DECA is the Distributive Education Clubs of America- it focuses on business and marketing skills for future careers where you get to compete and meet tons of new people. (Not to mention it looks GREAT on resumes!)
You must be enrolled in a Marketing class(Marketing, Adv. Marketing, or Retail Operations)
Show off your marketing skills and compete for your place at Area, State, and Internationals. There are 47 different events to compete in, such as Automotive Services, Fashion Promotion plan, Retail Merchandising, and Sports & Entertainment, Community Service project, and Entrepreneurship!

Start studying for DECA roleplays and tests. You will be taking your qualifying exam in December. The exam should take about one hour. 

A written event is a project that will allow you to show your best work. It is an opportunity for you to look to your future and and create something that you use and be proud of. You can have up to 3 people in your project team. Read all of the guidelines before you start your project. There are several practice tests and roleplays available to you.

There are 47 events to choose from. Make sure you pick 2 to ensure your spot at State and International Competition.
Event List
Here are the catagories that you can choose from:

Look at the guidelines for these 3 projects in the Documents section:
CAP Guidelines
Finish Line Challenge
SBE Guidelines (online info)

We will be attending two noncompetitive and three competitive events:


Pro Sports Career Day


Fall Leadership Conference (FLC)

Tahoma DECA New York Experience
May 25-29, 2017

Area 5 DECA Boot Camp

---------Competitive Events---------
Area 5 Career Development Conference
January 20, 2018

State Career Development Conference (SCDC)
March 1-3, 2018

International Career Development Conference
April 20-25, 2018
Atlanta, GA


You want to be your best! Here are some links to help you be just that. Go to the Event List and click on your event "Performance Indicators" link. Then scroll down to your event and Instructional area and study all of the performance indicators.
To study, you can use Google, the marketing book, or ask other people for help. Then study the definition and meaning and how it pertains to your specific event.
Click the link below to see an example of a roleplay. Read the scenario and evaluation first and then watch the video.

Roleplay Instruction Videos.

Study your Instructional Areas
Instructional Areas are the things that you will be graded on during your roleplay!!! 

Other DECA Links:

 Dress code

Area 5 DECA

Washington DECA

International DECA