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State Career Development Conference

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The State Career Development Conference will be held at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue.

 March 3-5, 2016


Here is the SCDC info


State test time! This year the tests will be given online. You will have up to 75 minutes to finish the 100 question test. Go to the 305 computer lab to take the test. You will be given a login and password when you get there.  Rules: NO TALKING! USE THE SUPPLIED CALCULATORS ONLY! DO NOT EAT IN THE LAB! NO PHONES(TURN IT OFF) IF IT GOES OFF, EVEN VIBRATES,DURING THE TEST YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!

You will be taking your DECA test in the 305 computer lab on  February 11th or 12th. It will be offered at these times:

2nd or 5th period OR After school each day


Here is the link to take your test:


Here are the guidelines for your written event: 

  • Put a lable on the folio in the upper right hand corner with this on it:
The event name Tahoma High School Your Name(s) 2012


  • If you are mailing it yourself. Here is the address to mail it :

    Washington DECA

    200 West Mercer St. Ste 207 Seattle, WA 98119

Here are two important links.
Statement of assurances
Written event checklist

WADECA State Info Page


The awards ceremony will be streamed live HERE. 


 Congratulations! You qualified to go to State.

 Information about SCDC