LGBTQ+ Resources

The following sites are provided here to support LGBTQ+ teens.  We are not responsible for any of the content that can be found on all the sites, especially on message boards.  However, we do feel that these resources can help support teens who need it.

Information sites for LGBTQ+ individuals:

The Trevor Project-

Human Rights Campaign-

Safety Center-

Trans Student (trans specific resources)

Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Map

PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)- all of PFLAG’s informational publications for LGBTQ+ people and those around them can be accessed here in PDF form.

Local Resources- Washington State:

Teen Link- Community resources for teens in King County. Not LGBTQ+ specific. Publishes booklet “Where To Turn For Teens,” a directory to various organizations with different focuses (such as “GLBTQ” and “Homelessness and Runaways”).
1-866-TEENLINK (833-6546)

HEYO (Health Education Youth Outreach)- A youth program (16-24) run by the Lifelong AIDS Alliance ( Seattle-based HEYO does outreach, sexual health workshops for LGBTQ youth, and hosts events.

Gay City- Seattle-based organization dedicated to serving the LGBTQ+ community. Provides free HIV and STI testing, other health services, and connects LGBTQ+ people with resources and local events. Houses the Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library (
517 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 860-6969

Lambert House- A drop-in center (Mon-Fri, 4p-9:30p) in Seattle for LGBTQ+ youth under 22. Hosts events, excursions and meetings.
1818 15th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 322-2515

Rainbow Center- Tacoma center for LGBTQ events 


Suicide Helplines:

*If you are in immediate danger and are going to attempt to harm yourself, call 911 immediately.

Trevor Project 24 Hour lifeline for LGBTQ youth: 866-488-7386 
Text the word “Trevor” to 1-202-304-1200 for TrevorText Fridays 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. PT

TeenLine- (800) 252-8336  24 hour Toll Free 24 hour hotline

GLBT National Help Center- 1-800-246-PRIDE (800-246-7743) (Youth number) 

Trans Lifeline- (877) 565-8860 - ( Free help line for transgender and non-binary people in crisis.

Other state-Specific 

Don’t need immediate help?

Emotional Baggage Check- is a website where someone answers what is bothering you with a song and a reply to you in email form. 

The Quiet Place Project-  A website meant to calm you down in times of difficulties. 
(We especially like the following pages: 90 Second Calming- CLICK HERE and The Thoughts Room:


LGBT Homeless and Near-Homeless youth:

24 hour National Runaway Switchboard- 1-800-231-6946 

Directing in need Gay Youth to Services (Mon-Fri 5-8pm Sat 1-5pm) 410-234-8057

YouthCare James W. Ray Orion Center (

1828 Yale Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 622-5555

Runs Safe Place for youth in crisis- (

ISIS House, a transitional housing program for LGBTQ+ youth, as well as other services for homeless youth. (

YouthCare 24-Hour Adolescent Shelter Line. *Note that “Within 72 hours of entry into Shelter, a parent, guardian, or Child Protective Services (CPS) worker must consent to your staying in the program.” (800) 495-7802

Gay City: Shelters, Transitional, and Low-Income Housing. Directory of various local shelters and housing programs. 

Queer Housing Network. Connects LGBTQ+ people in need of housing with others who have available space. Mostly roommate arrangements. 


How to get involved:


THS Gay-Straight Alliance come to portable 3 on Blue Wednesdays after school for Gay Straight Alliance

PFLAG- For parents and other adult allies wanting to get involved

Trans Resources:

(877) 565-8860 - Trans Lifeline ( Free national helpline for transgender and nonbinary people in crisis.

Ingersoll Gender Center
517 E Pike St (lower floor)

Seattle, WA 98122

Seattle-based support organization for trans and gender-variant people. Holds weekly support and social groups and other events. Website hosts information on medical and legal transition in Washington State.

Transgender Housing Network Connects trans people in need of housing to others with available space.

TransActive Gender Center. Serves trans youth specifically, and participates in advocacy and education for families and in schools. Based out of Portland, OR. Runs a free binder program for transmasculine youth 18 and under.

National Center for Transgender Equality. Social justice advocacy organization. Website offers information on the rights of trans people in the United States and on changing ID documents.

Website of the Gender Justice League, a Washington State trans activist organization based in Seattle. 

Mental Health Services

--> No one will be turned away due to inability to pay
--> Fees set on sliding scale, services to teens are free to low cost
--> No parental consent required for confidential services

Crisis Line 206.461.3222   24 hour open lines
Asian Counseling 206.695.7600 3639 MLK Jr Way S
Seattle, WA 98144
Mon- Fri 
Catholic Community Services 206.328.5774 100 23rd Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98144
Consejo Counseling & Referral 206.461.4880 2808 S. Angeline
Seattle, WA 98118
Mon - Fri
Sound Mental Health 206.302.2600 1600 E. Olive
Seattle, WA 98122
Mon- Fri 
Southeast Youth & Family Services 206.721.5542 3722 S Hudson
Seattle, WA 98118
Mon- Fri
THS Central Youth & Family Services 206.322.7676 1901 MLK Way S
Seattle, WA 98144
Mon- Fri 
Southwest Youth & Family Services 206.937.7680 4555 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106

Mon- Thur 9-7
Fri 9-5

Atlantic Street Center 206.329.2050 2103 S. Atlantic St
Seattle, WA 98118
Mon - Fri 
9:00 - 5:00
Group Health Adolescent Center 425.562.1350 13451 SE 36th St
Bellevue, WA 98006
Mon - Thur 9 - 5
Fri 9 - 12