AP Biology



Mr, Neil


Expect between 5 and 10 hours of homework each week.  Chemistry or Physics (or teacher recommendation) is the prerequisite.  In addition, you must have an AP/UW Agreement on file.  Students that earned an "A" or "B" in Chemistry or Physics are the most successful.  AP Bio is a course designed for students who have a strong interest in, or desire to pursue a career in, the sciences.  The major themes are* :  science as a process, evolution, energy transfer, continuity and change, relation of structure to function, regulation, interdependence in nature, and science/technology/society.  The course is designed to be the equivalent to a two-semester introductory college biology course for science majors.  Required reading, curriculum, and lab activities are concurrent with a 100-level university biology course.  To succeed in AP Biology students must be highly motivated to learn and be willing to learn a portion of the curriculum independently.  In addition to earning high school credit, students can receive advanced standing or college credit by earning a qualifying score on the AP exam (administered in May).  The test costs appx $90.00 (financial assistance is available for those on free/reduced lunch).  AP credit transfers to most public and private colleges and universities (if the score is sufficient).  

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