AP Chemistry



Ms. Bryce

Expect between 5 and 10 hours of homework each week.  Chemistry (or teacher recommendation) and pre-calculus is recommended as the prerequisites.  In addition, you must have an AP/UW Agreement on file.  Students that earned an "A" or "B" in Chemistry are the most successful.  AP Chemistry is a course designed for students who have a strong interest in, or desire to pursue a career in, the sciences.  The major themes are* :  the composition of all matter, the physical and chemical properties of matter, how matter changes, the rates of chemical reactions, the role energy plays in physical and chemical changes, the balance between enthalpy and entropy for reversible chemical and physical changes.  The course is designed to be the equivalent to a two-semester introductory college chemistry course for science majors.  Required reading, curriculum, and lab activities are concurrent with a 100-level university chemistry course.  To succeed in AP Chemistry students must be highly motivated to learn and be willing to learn a portion of the curriculum independently.  In addition to earning high school credit, students can receive advanced standing or college credit by earning a qualifying score on the AP exam (administered in May).  The test costs appx $90.00 (financial assistance is available for those on free/reduced lunch).  AP credit transfers to most public and private colleges and universities (if the score is sufficient).  

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