College Geology



Mr. Lehman



This two-semester (year long) course is sponsored by the University of ....? (college alignment is currently under transition)  Therefore the prerequisites are Inquiry III-IV and a completed AP Agreement on file.  Students can expect 5 hours of homework per week.  Successful students in the past are those that are self-directed and willing to work hard.  College Geology introduces students to the physical systems of the Earth through lab and field work.  Topics focus on* the study of Washington State geology, stressing volcanism, earthquakes, glaciation, soils, and mountain-building.  Students learn how to interpret the geologic past through field study of the landscapes of Mt Rainier, the Seattle basin, and the Columbia Plateau.  The final exam for this course is an overnight trip to do field studies of glacial outburst floods on landscapes east of the Cascades.  This course teaches university-level learning strategies and prepares students to think like college students.  The course fee for a field journal and hand lens is $35.00    In addition to earning high school science credit, students can earn 5.0 Division II university credits from the University of ....? by paying approximately $???.00 (plus a $??.00 registration fee) and passing the class with a "C" or above. 

Paying the (discounted) U tuition fee (and earning Division II college credit) IS OPTIONAL.

*Check out the power pt!