Biology & Earth Systems (BES)



Mr. Loomis   Mr. Lehman    Mrs. Hardtke   Mr. Hagen   Mr. Kent     Mr. Collins      Mr. Jequinto   Ms. Jarvis



This is a 2 semester (year-long) course required for graduation.  It is a freshman course (though there are exceptions) that is similar in some respects to a traditional high school biology course yet integrated with concepts of Plate Tectonics/Earth Sciences.  It is estimated that successful students spend approximately 1.5 hrs/wk on homework for this course.  This course will engage students in the exploration of the big ideas of life/earth sciences and help them master the Next Generation science standards.  BES students will learn the dynamic functions of the Earth through the disciplines of biology and geology.  Specifically, students will use systems thinking, conduct inquiry-based investigations, and will learn how to apply engineering solutions to human problems.  Topics of study include* geologic and biologic evolution, genetic engineering, population dynamics, and resource management. 

*The power point can be found on a separate page (Course power points).