Marine Biology



Mr. Loomis


This ONE semester course explores life in the sea through the lens of evolution.  The prerequisite for Marine Biology is completion of any Level 2 or 3 course.  You can expect to be tasked with approximately an hour of homework each week.  This course is lab-intensive.  By the end of Marine Biology you will have explored your way through the major groups of lifeforms, building your own Compendium of Life.  This is primarily accomplished via dissection of preserved specimens (though there are virtual alternatives for those that find the act of dissection morally or ethically abhorrent).  The focus will be to compare-and-contrast the evolution of all major systems (Nervous, Digestive, Excretory, etc) beginning with the sponge (the planet's simplest of animals) up through the major taxa until you reach the marine mammals (among the most complex).  Oh...and we like totally get into sharks and whales and stuff.  The course culminates in two field to the Puget Sound during the year's lowest tide and a scavenger hunt at the Seattle Aquarium where you will be required to USE all this awesome knowledge you've acquired!

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