Mr. Loomis


This ONE semester course explores everything associated with the One World Ocean...except its many lifeforms.  Prerequisites include completion of any other Level 2 or 3 course.  While there will be homework on occasion, it will be minimal (less than an hr/wk) as this is a science course and science is best learned by DOing (activities...not writing).  Please do not misinterpret my intentions.  Homework can be (and is) a valuable learning tool...just not so much in this course.  In oceanography you will learn* about the geological, physical, and chemical characteristics of the ocean.  Students will become familiar with the instruments and methodologies employed by oceanographers and will obtain a broad knowledge the various marine environments.  Students will be engaged in labs/activities, assessed by objective tests (midterm/final), class participation, daily work, projects, and presentations. 

*Watch the slide show under Course Power points.