Other Science Courses


"Course Power Points"


BLK200  OUTDOOR ACADEMY  No prerequisite    2-5 hours of homework/week    3 credits/3 classes       HOWELL/KRAUSE/TUCKER

 This full-day academy earns credit in Science, Language Arts, and Health/Fitness.  OA combines AP Environmental Science, LA, and H/F as students participate in fly fishing, mountain biking, hiking/orienteering, rock climbing, and numerous stewardship activities that are coordinated with King County.  The natural world becomes the integrating focus, building bridges between the curricula and opening doors to outdoor/environmental learning.  Time spent in large group as an entire class, as well, provides opportunities for relationship-building, another driver for the curriculum.  The academic goals focus on preparing students for a challenging high school schedule and for college.  For further information RE: the AP exam, visit the link for AP Enviro Sci


 VSH300    SPORTS & HEALTH SCIENCE    No Prereq    3-5 hrs/wk    CTE/Science cross credit    MRS HAAG

Successful students in this year-long career-based prep course earned a "C" or better in Inquiry III-IV and have a strong interest in a health-related career.  The rigorous curriculum is designed for delivery in a medical team format.  Certification of students in first aid and CPR, the exploration of medical careers, and the competencies associated with those careers will be the core focus.  Specifically, the course covers health care planning, disease prevention, medical research, medical professional shadowing, medical office protocols, electronic record-keeping, health care system philosophy as well as management structures and components.  Instruction will also focus on blood-borne pathogen prevention standards, anatomy and physiology, decision-making skills based on scenarios, and pathology decisions.  Students gain practical experience in treatment of common sports injuries, injury prevention and diagnosis, and the philosophies of treating athletes.


VSH301    SPORTS MEDICINE    Prereq: VSH300    1-4 hrs/wk plus 1-6 hours of practicum    CTE/Science cross credit    MR TURLEY   MS. GADDIS

Students will work toward gaining competency and mastery in sports medicine-related skills while working with community members and various teams and professionals.  This course focuses on all aspects of sports medicine, which includes injury prevention, evaluation of injuries, treatment of sports-related injuries, rehab techniques, therapeutic modalities, sports nutrition, support taping and wraps, and athletic training duties.  The course offers students hands-on training in sports therapy and athletic training.


VAG200    ANIMAL SCIENCE 1 & 2    No prereq    1-3 hrs/wk   CTE/Science cross credit     MRS. PAGE

This is a one-year lab science exploratory course designed for students who show an interest in animal behavior, science, classification, anatomy, and welfare, consumer concerns, scientific selection, reproduction/growth/development, nutrition, diseases/parasites, as well as the management, health, and care of domesticated animals.  Students are involved with live animals, performing various veterinarian skills such as castrating, dehorning, vaccinating, processing of animals, hoof care, docking tails, clipping nails, tattooing, and other veterinarian medical skills.  The course utilizes several local businesses to provide off-site experiences through field trips.  Membership in the FFA club is highly recommended.  The course is an excellent way for students interested in veterinarian technology to whet their appetite.  The course fee is $35.00 (scholarship monies are available)

VAG300  ANIMAL SCIENCE 3 & 4     Prereq: VAG200    1-3 hrs/wk    CTE/Science cross credit     MRS. PAGE

This advanced course picks up where Animal Science 2 left off...students simply take it to the next level.  $35.00 fee


VAG201    PLANT SCIENCE 1 & 2    Prereq: None    1-3 hrs/wk    CTE/Science cross credit    MRS NANCE 

Are you interested in learning more about the amazing world of plants? Do you want to get your hands dirty? How does working on a local farm sound? Would you like to contribute to your community? This one year lab science/CTE course will check off all these boxes and more! You will learn practical skills in plant propagation, landscaping, bonsai, organic farming and pruning. In addition, you will become knowledgeable in our local native and invasive plant species. Field activities are numerous and required. We visit Elk Run Farm, the Lake Wilderness Arboretum and multiple King County Parks locations. A required course fee of $35 covers course materials, transportation and your FFA club membership.  Please note that cross crediting DOES NOT APPLY TO MINIMUM CORE REQUIREMENTS FOR COLLEGES.


Principles of Biomedical Science:        MS. REX

 Students investigate human body systems and health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, sickle cell disease, hypercholesterolemia, and infectious diseases. They determine factors that led to the death of a fictional person and investigate lifestyle choices and medical treatments that might have prolonged their life. Activities and projects introduce students to human physiology, medicine, research and bioinformatics. Engineering principles include the design process, feedback loops, and the relationship of structure to function. This is the first year in the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) high school biomedical science curriculum. Principles of Biomedical Science is cross credited with CTE. This is a Year Long Course


Human Body Systems:      MRS. NANCE

Students examine the interactions of human body systems as they explore identity, communication, power, movement, protection and homeostasis. Students design experiments, investigate the structures and functions of the human body, and use data acquisition software to monitor body functions such as muscle movement, reflex and voluntary action, and respiration. Exploring science in action, students build organs and tissues on a skeletal manikin, work through real-world cases, and play the roles of biomedical professionals to solve medical mysteries. This is the second year of the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) high school biomedical science curriculum; previous completion of Principles of Biomedical Science is recommended (after 2018-19 school year). Human Body Systems is cross credited with CTE. This is a Year-Long Course