Mr. Collins


Homework is less than an hour/week.  Prerequisites?  None if you are earning CTE credit but if you want math credit you need to pass Geometry and the math EOC, for science credit you need to pass Inquiry III-IV.  In this one-year course students will work in small groups to design, wire, and program several robots.  Each robot will be required to complete a predetermined set of tasks.  Students will then use their robots to compete against classmates in a set of friendly challenges and games.  The course provides unique opportunities for students to explore and develop skills in 3D computer-aided design, mechanical systems, machining, introductory electronics, and programming.  Additional opportunities will be available to those interested in welding,machining, and woodworking.  This is a unique course in that it is a triple cross-credit.  But it can be complicated.  Parents should discuss with a counselor whether or not the course meets the student's needs...for graduation credit...for college-entrance credit...

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